Today’s Headlines


Photo: JayRock on Flickr

  • Its great to see that the NYTimes finally reported that 24 cyclists died last year…

    I find it funny that the NY Sun is writing an article about the Brooklyn Bridges paint job…why isn’t anyone (except us of course) worried about the structural integrity of the bridge as its overused by heavy vehicles? That seems like a bigger problem than the paint job, call me crazy.

  • moxieb

    One more interesting headline from today:

    “Drivers give helmeted cyclists less room”

  • Nicolo Macchiavelli

    Also, the Sun let Ed Koch off the hook for his regime’s history regarding “free” bridges. It was his great punch line “bridges don’t vote” that explained away an earlier era of maintenance neglect. I guess compared to Koch Bloomberg is way ahead, at least he is going to get the bridge painted. Easy Ed skipped the paint altogether which led to enormous overhaul expenses under the Dinkins administration. It is much cheaper to paint than it is to cut out the bad steel, grind down the remaining, weld on new steel patches and then paint.

  • rachael

    It was interesting that the article “Drivers give helmeted cyclists less room” suggests that drivers tend to give female cyclists more room. Considering that the recently released study says that 91% of bicycle fatalities are men, I feel that this could be related. Some of the articles about the study suggest that the 91% figure could be attributed to men taking greater risks, but it sounds like drivers tend to take greater risks around male cyclists.

  • Daily News coverage, not included in clips here, focused on possible city imposition of adult helmet law as part of the safety plan.