Ground Control for Commissioner Tom

New York City Department of Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden speaking at today’s event in Central Park announcing a major new bicycle safety initiative. Behind him, from left to right, are Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall, and NYPD Chief of Transportation Michael Scagnelli. No Mayor Bloomberg but, hey, three commissioners and a police chief ain’t bad.

Photo by Graham Beck, Transportation Alternatives

  • EZ Rider

    It’s “DOT, the Rock Opera”…

    DOT to Commissioner Tom
    DOT to Commissioner Tom
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…

    This is Commissioner Tom to DOT.
    I’m riding on my biiiike.
    And I’m floating in the most peculiar way
    And the streets look very difeerent today…

    Streetsblog finish-the-lyrics contest:

  • d

    How can the parks commissioner support the new bicycle safety initiative and still allow cars in Central and Prospect Parks?

  • d- Don’t you know they are major vital transportation links. I mean duh… 🙂

  • ddartley

    …And see, they’re all sitting in their tin cans.
    Slow, and quite upset.
    New York City’s green, but they think that that’s obscene.


    Though they’ve promised us two hundred miles,
    I’m standing rather still,
    For this car’s parked in a most peculiar spot,
    And I’d call a cop, but he’s parked up the block,
    And see, he is sitting in his tin can,
    With the a/c on,
    The bike lane’s Boy in Blue, so there’s nothing I can do…


    That’s all I can be bothered with…

    Please note, the apparent anti-cop sentiment is just a joke(!) which is I think as far as any of us should go–leave the vitriol to the “nypd rant” people.

  • Bugg

    From the DOT, who brought you the SI Ferry disaster,and held nobody accountable. And the DOH(Homer Simpson, call your people!), the guys who said 2nd hand smoke killed hundreds of thousands( no science to back it up), while GZ’s air was clear and healthful (Mt. Sinai says 70% of GZ workers have experienced respiratory damage). Two commissioners, lots of juice and hooks, zero competence.

    Mike Scagnelli must be wondering when he gets off double secret probation and out of Kelly’s doghouse. Until then, his days will be filled with this kind of dog&pony show.


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