Street Films: Hell’s Kitchen Miracle Ticket

Hell’s Kitchen Miracle Ticket
A Clarence Eckerson Street Film
Running time: 1:13 – 3.59 MB, QuickTime

Since we’ve been talking about traffic enforcement (or lack thereof), here is a quick Street Film that touches on the topic as well. In 2005, TOPP Founder and Executive Director Mark Gorton toured 9th Avenue with Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association’s Christine Berthet to check out pedestrian safety concerns. When they stopped on one corner to examine how gridlock constantly forces pedestrians to dangerously cross around cars and buses stopped in crosswalks, the pleading of Ms. Berthet and the power of the camera became too much for an NYPD officer to ignore. See for yourself.

  • AD

    Forgive me if this is off topic, but I vote for 37th Street and Ninth Avenue as the place with the worst horn-honking in the whole city.

  • It may be so AD, I’m not that familiar with that intersection. But perhaps I could put in one of my own favorite hot-zones for honking:

    60th and Second Ave.

    What I love about TOPP video segments is that video so objectively captures evidence that is undeniable. The dry level of service and 311 complaint statistics that the DOT or the city puts forward can never capture situations like the one above. Video captures all the various impacts of traffic like the high noise level, the view from a pedestrian’s level of big buses passing them at 40 mph, the actual flow of people who put their lives at risk trying to cross the street.

  • Ah, it lifts my heart to see that.

  • Car horns may very well be the Livable Streets Movement’s best marketing tool. For so many people, myself included, the honking is the entry-level issue, the thing that got them interested in involved in fixing NYC’s messed-up transportation and public space policies.

    Anyway, we need to get you Manhattan guys out to Downtown Brooklyn so you can see what honking is all about.

  • Wow, if the honking is so bad you can see it…

  • Hear hear,

    37th and 9th was until recently the worst honking site I know if. I live right above it and hte fire trucks form 38th street were gettign stuck all the time in the lincoln tunnel traffic.
    Our organization , Chekpeds, has obtained the placment of 2 officers there at peak hours through a petition signed by hundreds of residents and sent to Scagnelli , the police traffic honcho.

    AD If you live in Hells kitchen , feel free to join us .


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