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  • A link to the report sited in the NY Post article that suggests NYC needs more highway lanes:

    It says:
    “New York City-Newark could significantly reduce congestion by adding about 2,400 new lane-miles by 2030 at an estimated cost of $38.5 billion in today’s dollars. This includes the costs of adding 15 percent of the new capacity by building elevated roadways and tunnels, which will be necessary in a densely settled location like NYC.”

    Obviously, as has been the norm, they did not think about land-use or community outcomes as connected to transportation planning. The list of benefits to widening roads it gives seems particularly unconvincing.

  • podsednik

    The report is baloney, but the quote by Primeggia is encouraging: ” City transportation officials disagree with the recommendations. Adding capacity would only temporarily alleviate congestion, said Mike Primeggia, DOT deputy commissioner.”

  • someguy

    I’m surprised to see Reason having such a ridiculous report — as ridiculous as libertarian think-tanks can be, I’m pretty sure Reason has been a strong supporter of congestion pricing in the past. This report doesn’t appear to make any mention of properly pricing for the scarce resource of roads before sinking hundreds of billions into new and expanded roads (which they must realize are completely impractical and unfeasible anyway). Baloney is right.