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  • Civilian

    The NYPD rant stuff is pretty funny. It’s good for folks to blow-off some steam, especially in a high stress job like police work.

    I have only the greatest respect for people who put themselves on the line everyday to fight for justice and make the city safe. They should be well compensated (which they currently are not) and respected by the community for their public service.

    However, I also have deep distain for those who use their position of authority inappropriately against the public for their personal satisfaction.

    The public puts their trust in the police as long as they feel that they fight for justice and use their authority wisely.

  • “Commenters poke fun”? Hmmm, after reading that crap on The Rant, I would probably have used a different phrase to describe those posts…

    It’s a very good thing that I served on a jury with two cops earlier this year. They were the some of the coolest people I’ve met. Or else I would have a *very* bad opinion of the NYPD after reading that website.

  • As crime decreases, (aren’t we now the safest city in the country) police officers have an opportunity to reinvent themselves as community liaisons and quality of life officers.

    If police had the same parking rights as the rest of us, there would be more incentive to live near or in the communities that they are serving (rather than being heavily represented in the most car oriented parts of the region like Staten Island and New Jersey). And encouraging police to ride transit to work (even give them free passes) would be a big help to our transit system’s safety.

    The fact is, the areas around police stations feel like some of the most unsafe and unfriendly areas of the city with the low visibility due to parked SUVs on the sidewalks. The police department’s image and type of service needs to be reinvented, and changing their parking policies would be a great high visibility step.

  • Free metrocards – Yes, that sounds like a great perk that should be used to entice police, fire, teachers, etc to the subway. Then announce parking permit reductions for the next few years and don’t give any to the new recruits.

  • AD

    Free MetroCards – definitely! I’ve always thought that NYC cops should get paid as much as or more than suburban ones. Right now some of their payment comes in the form of parking perks rather than money. They should get a salary increase and a parking perk reduction.

  • Or like some kind of fee-bate set-up to at least give equivalent benefit in monetary terms to non-drivers. It’s hard to estimate what that benefit it worth. What would folks be willing to pay for guaranteed on-street parking?

    How about this new system: Set a maximum number of permits. Let those who want them to bid on them. Take that money and disburse it to the folks that did not get permits. That’s 100% cost neutral. Or you could use that money to provide deeply discounted or free metrocards to all police and firefighters (Or just do that anyway).

  • podsednik

    Hey, if we decide as a community that cops and firefighters “need” to have free parking — that’s great, let’s give it to them. But it shouldn’t be on the sidewalk. Let them have as much on-street parking as they need, but just make sure it’s on the street.

    Letting the authority figures park on the sidewalk sends the signal to all drivers that it isn’t very important to keep cars of the sidewalk. And that’s dangerous and inappropriate.