Today’s Headlines

  • The article on the crash on sunrise Highway thankfully includes useful clues about why the crash happened and what might have prevented the death:

    Age of driver: 78 – probably had not received a driving lesson or ability test in 50 years.

    Seatbelt Status of Deceased: Not wearing one.

    A lesson to all!

    I would love to see basic statistics on the age of drivers involved in crashes and when their last driving test or defensive driving course was.

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    The Times had an op-ed piece calling for re-licensing exams for the elderly, and the Oil Drum’s recently took it a step further, calling for re-licensing exams for everyone. Maybe there’s a movement brewing. This accident certainly points to the need.

  • Yeah, old people are our generation’s drunk drivers. I don’t think anyone envisioned 78 year olds driving around in cars when they were first becoming popular.

    I think everyone should have to take a defensive driving course and written examination every two years and practical tests every five years. For folks under 25 and over 65, I would make that more often. Even if 99% passed the tests, it would force people to think of safety more often and take the worst 1% off the road. An easy first step would be to require all moving violations to trigger a practical test by the DMV.

    I do have a question: Does this have to be done state-wide or could NYC do something on its own?