Eyes on the Street: Weekend Edition


I recently took this boat, a water taxi, from Red Hook to South Street Seaport. Landing at the Seaport after having just been in Red Hook about five minutes earlier gives one an odd supernatural sense of having been teleported.

  • It makes shopping at the new Fairway in red hook seem like an option for people who live down by south street sea port. Too bad it’s $5 each way.

  • futurebird – I would say “for the beautiful ride” but at $1/minute, it’s sure expensive compared to the SI ferry. For no charge, you can get great views of the whole harbor, see the forgotton borough (there are a few bars and restaurants near the ferry) and even take in a baseball game during the Summer…

  • Just took the Water Taxi today for the first time. Great view of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the BQE! The really cool thing about the water taxi organization is how they are helping to create and enhance destinations along the waterfront, like the new beach at hunters point.

    The water taxi may not be as practical a means of transportation yet for locals, but once the destinations are created, this may change. Why can’t the DOT also try to help create destinations, instead of only trying to move cars faster through communities and often detracting from the very destinations our transporation system is meant to connect?

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    That Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City is great. What a fun, really unique place to hang out.

    Yes, the Staten Island Ferry is free! I wonder what effect their post-9/11 car ban has had on ridership numbers. Probably not much of one I imagine. I also wonder if that car ban has led to more traffic on the Gowanus Expressway, or whether it has led to a reduction in the number of drivers. My guess would be that both are true.

  • Even when the ferry did carry cars, each ferry could only hold 30-40 cars, while it can carry 2000-4000 people I believe. Think of those numbers for a minute…

    If they want to relieve traffic to and from Staten Island, they should run the ferry more often and to more locations…


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