Brooklyn Traffic

A correspondent sends in this photo of the morning commute on Bergen Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Moments before snapping it the photographer says he was "stopped at a light with six cyclists, all of whom looked at each other and smiled as if to say, ‘any more of us and we’ll need a permit!’" Including the cyclist who appears to be riding illegally on the sidewalk and the photographer standing in the middle of the street blocking traffic, I count six bikers. The neighborhoods around Downtown Brooklyn have the highest rates of bike commuting in all of New York City. This spring and summer is likely to set new records.

  • AD

    Beautiful photograph of a wonderful scene. Six bicyclists using less space than two cars, and the NYPD nowhere in sight.

  • I know what you mean. There is something very pleasing aesthetically about urban bike commuting. Form, function and all that.

  • Anonymous

    Go back to China you liberals.

  • AD

    That’s a very persuasive point, anon. Thoughtful, well reasoned and convincingly argued.

  • Jym

    =v= A beautiful sight. Makes me homesick for Boerum Hill!

  • i like this team


The Sands Street Shuffle

An evening commuter enters the Sands Street bike path at Jay Street, after descending from the Manhattan Bridge. Last month, the long-awaited Sands Street bike path officially opened, giving cyclists a much safer connection to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge. From what I can tell so far, everyone loves the new protected space […]