Venture-Financed Bike-Share Off to a Hot Start in Seattle

There are plenty of questions about whether this new bike-share business model, which is backed by Silicon Valley-style venture capital, will have legs. Will the companies be able to maintain safe bikes, provide good service, and stay financially viable in the long run? It’s too soon to say. But in the early going, they are proving that plenty of people will use bike-share in a city where it previously flopped, reports Tom Fucoloro at Seattle Bike Blog.

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  • NYPD and Action Carting Still Haven’t IDed Hit-and-Run Truck Driver Who Killed Neftaly Ramirez (Bklyn Paper)
  • Times: Raise Revenue for the MTA, But It Will Take More Than Money to Fix Transit in NYC
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s City Council Hearing on the MTA (AMNY, WNYCNews, GothamistNY1)
  • A Highlight: Jumaane Williams Unloading on Absent Lhota and Cuomo (Politico)
  • De Blasio Starts Selling His Millionaires Tax to Senate GOP (Politico, Post)
  • Gelinas: Mayor Was Better Off Insisting Cuomo Handle MTA Fixes Himself (Post)
  • Dan Squadron Resigns From State Senate, Citing Albany Stasis and Corruption (News)
  • When You’re Delayed on a Train, at Least Now the Conductor Tells You Why (NYT)
  • First Precinct’s Crime Blotter Is Full of Bike Thefts (DNA)
  • The Perfect Mash-Up of Cuomo’s Subway Wi-Fi and Station Sponsorship Initiatives (News)

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The governor broke ground on new facilities for Delta Airlines at LaGuardia Airport, which he called "a pillar of New York's transportation network." Photo: governor's office/Flickr

Council Members Grill MTA Execs on Transit Costs While Cuomo Breaks Ground for Delta

Compared to its international peers, the MTA's capital construction costs are nothing short of outrageous. So with Governor Cuomo asking for more money from New York City to fix the subways, it's understandable that City Council members want to know whether they'll be getting good bang for their buck. But at a hearing earlier today, MTA Managing Director Ronnie Hakim couldn't explain the MTA's cost problem, let alone how to fix it.

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  • De Blasio’s Millionaires Tax as Political Stagecraft (NYT)
  • More Millionaires Tax News and Reactions (Politico; News 1, 2; Post 12; WSJ; Crain’s; AMNYNY1)
  • Lhota: “Congestion Pricing Is Something That Needs to Be Considered” (AMNY)
  • Bullshit Talking Points Against Congestion Pricing From the Mayor and NYC Reps in Albany (NY1)
  • If Lhota Was Really Independent, He’d Ask Cuomo to Fund Subways, Not Bridge Lights (Post)
  • Rodriguez and Dinowitz Rode the Subway — Will They Hold Cuomo’s MTA Accountable? (Crain’s)
  • Tractor-Trailer Driver Strikes and Kills Man, 73, Crossing 7th Ave in Chelsea (DNA, NewsNY1)
  • One Man Killed Crossing Yellowstone Blvd, One Critically Injured on 125th Street; Cops Blame Both (News)
  • Drunk Off-Duty NYPD Officer Crashes Car With Her Son Inside on Long Island Highway (NewsPost)
  • DOT Took Its Citywide Transit Planning Tour to Jamaica Last Week (TL)

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The wider pedestrian zone is separated from the bike lane by planters, and the bike lane is separated from motor vehicle traffic by inexpensive bollards and low-profile barriers. Photo: NYCFreeParking/Twitter

This Block Now Has a Protected Bike Lane *and* a Wider Sidewalk

Midtown Manhattan avenues have a problem: The sidewalks aren't wide enough for all the people walking on them. People have to walk in the roadbed to get where they're going. On avenues with protected bike lanes, this means people on foot spill over into bikeways, rendering them all but impassable for cyclists. Now there's a single Midtown block with a protected bike lane that also has a wider sidewalk.
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