Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Daniel Nelson, 59, in Tottenville (Advance, News)
  • Cuomo Hasn’t Ruled Out Appointing Enforcer Larry Schwartz as MTA Chair (NYT)
  • NJ Transit Releases Altered Summer Schedule (NYT, AMNY)
  • Cuomo Prepares for Penn Station Disruptions With Expedited Road Work (News, NY1)
  • Planning Commission Approves East Midtown Rezoning (DNA)
  • TWU’s BQX Endorsement a Pleasant Surprise to Team de Blasio (News)
  • Motivate Still Working on How to Get Citi Bikes Where They Need to Be (AMNY)
  • De Blasio Says City Will Soon Decide Whether to Back Queensway (DNA)
  • Daily News Encourages Trump to Take Charge of Gateway “Boondoggle”
  • Spox Describes Alternate-Reality MTA Where Riders Get Timely Info on Delays (Post)
  • What “The Victim’s Injuries Were Not Life-Threatening” Really Means (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    So the developers get to pitch the streetcar as a marketing amenity that will be little used, like exercise rooms, at taxpayer expense while paying no property taxes itself.

    What does the TWU get? A pension increase?

    The executive/financial class, the political/union class, and the serfs.

  • Reggie

    TWU Local 100 president John Samuelsen, ‘It doesn’t matter if the BQX is a good idea or not if it means more jobs for my members.’

  • Larry Littlefield

    The problem is that it might not be net jobs, as the subway and bus systems continue to deteriorate.

  • Reggie

    That is true. Further, the BQX could be an open shop or affiliate with another union. But I think you have lost the forest for the trees here.

  • Vooch

    BQX should be 100% private financed, owned, and operated under a 99 year lease with zero regulatory oversight.

    if its such a good idea let the promoters put their money where their mouth is. Otherwise sit down please

  • HamTech87

    I don’t understand why De Blasio would throw his support behind a Cuomo-linked project like the QueensWay.
    First, it does nothing to advance his transportation agenda. In fact, this trail’s proposed closure during nights and snowfall means it is not a transportation route at all.
    Second, Cuomo would go out of his way to stymie a De Blasio project. Why would De Blasio support a Cuomo project without something in return?
    De Blasio should work to preserve this corridor for a time in the future when it can become a subway extension, as Cap’n Subway articulates:
    This should be a time when US subway construction costs get under control: (Alon Levy, etc.)
    And when upzoning around stations becomes politically palatable.
    Until then, don’t develop it beyond stabilizing some of the bridges to prevent collapse and clearing some trees.

  • HamTech87

    Citibike could use Montreal’s larger rebalancing trucks. The Citibike vehicles don’t hold enough bikes.

  • Greg
  • AMH

    They use gigantic box trucks in certain high-volume locations. I imagine the bike trailers are quicker to load and unload though.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Sounds as if the bus was double parked on a side street, the cyclist tried to squeeze through rather than going around in traffic, and was struck as the bus suddenly pulled away. Very sad. Take the lane.

  • Lincoln

    The Rockaway Beach ROW is not feasible for transit use. Regardless of who supports it, using it as a bikeway is the most feasible transportation related use of the line. Keeping it open 24/7 can be figured out later.

  • bolwerk

    Moving conductors onto an LRT/streetcar system growing at a rapid clip would be a pretty good way to put a major oversupply of labor toward some very useful work.

  • bolwerk

    At the very least, preserving it fully for transit is an obvious no-brainer, and there is excellent reason to think it could be a very useful rapid transit route. Anything else is a deliberate mutilation – a major fuck you to the future.

    If there’s room for a park afterwards, whatever.* I’ve yet to see any convincing evidence that it’s a particularly good route for a linear park, but no harm in trying as long as the transit potential is fully preserved.

    * There probably is, to some extent, though it’s unlikely possible along the whole ROW.

  • qrt145

    “was struck as the bus suddenly pulled away.”

    Of course, this is described by police and media as “the cyclist lost control and fell under the bus”. Reminds me of the prison movie trope where after inmates beat another nearly to death, they always say “he fell!” with hands raised in a gesture of innocence…

    Taking the lane is good advice, but in side streets there is often no other lane, which makes filtering between the lanes very tempting.

  • qrt145

    I think they used trucks exclusively at first, but started using the lower-capacity bike trailers because they are more nimble in typical CBD congestion.

  • Vooch

    Driver didn’t even realize he crushed someone;

    “..The bus driver initially kept moving until witnesses flagged it down.

    “The bus kept going at first and I ran after it. Then it put on the signal and pulled over,” Gomez said…”

    Suggests driver was utterly unaware of his environment.

  • Vooch

    BTW – in May Citibike exceeded 60k workdsy rides plenty of times.

    We can therefore expect Citibike to exceed 80k workday rides by Sept.

    Data from London indicates 22% of bike trips would otherwise have been car trips. This suggests that Citibike removes 15,000 car trips from our most congested areas.

    Applying the normal Citibike to private bike ratio (1:5) suggests cycling removes 75,000 car trips. Yuge

  • AMH

    Not to mention that taking the lane requires great courage. I’m a fairly confident and experienced rider, but I still can’t always be that assertive.