Today’s Headlines

  • Gelinas: Cuomo’s MTA Legacy Will Be Ever-Rising Fares and Bottomless Debt (Post)
  • Cuomo Picks for PANYNJ Board: Construction Union Boss and a Campaign Donor (Politico)
  • Amtrak Now Cuomo’s Punching Bag (Voice); Related: Tuesday Morning’s LIRR Commute (NYT)
  • Northeast Corridor Service Will Be Scaled Back for Penn Station Work (NYT)
  • Jersey Congressional Delegation Urges Trump to Fund Gateway (Politico)
  • Ferries Already Just Another Transit Headache (NYT); South Brooklyn Route Launches Today (NY1)
  • MTA to Study Staten Island-NJ Transit Light Rail Connection (AP)
  • NYPD Is Initiating Fewer Pedestrian Stops (NYT)
  • Witnesses Say SI Hit-and-Run Driver Appeared to Have Targeted Victim Anthony Figuerola (Advance)
  • People Are Complaining About New Countdown Clocks on the L Line (Gothamist)
  • The Times Published a Primer on Biking to Work

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  • Larry Littlefield

    It isn’t just Cuomo’s legacy, but the rest of them got away with it. And at this point there is no way for him to avoid it. Most of Generation Greed is laughing from Florida, or collecting retirement income that is exempt from state and local income taxes in New York. Sneering at mass transit, bicycles, and the people who use them.

    Now the steps needed for a turnaround would be painful, and the benefits would not be felt for years. Just as the consequences of past fare cuts, retroactive pension increases, reduced tax support, soaring contractor fees, and soaring debt were not faced for years, until suddenly people cared.

    So the play — everywhere in the country, on every issue — is to keep taking revenues from the future, and shifting costs to the future, in an attempt to advance (or at least not kill) your career and slink away.

    Christie in New Jersey and Malloy in Connecticut failed to slither out in time. Silver and Bruno and Skelos did slither away, though not of their own choice. Giuliani and Bloomberg got out in time. Cuomo and DeBlasio have not.

    So there will be lots of studies and commissions, and lots of talk about something, anything else. Blame someone else! Blame Donald Trump! But don’t blame the generation for whom Trump is the exemplar.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Meanwhile, if anyone is interested I posted an overview of the city’s budget proposal.

    I’d do the same for the state, except public State of New York budget documents have been designed to be incomprehensible. For the past 150 years, except for a brief period of reform during the actual “progressive” era 100 years or so ago.

  • HamTech87

    On the extension to Staten Island of the Hudson-Bergen line, it should not only go down the West Shore, but also along the North Shore to St. George. Either way, I hope it makes the North Shore line into light rail instead of BRT or a bike path.

  • ahwr

    NY1 – New South Brooklyn Ferry Route Launches Thursday

    A one-way ride is $2.75, or $3.75 if you bring your bike.