Today’s Headlines

  • Dan Donovan Asks MTA to Study Returning the Verrazano to Two-Way Tolls (Bklyn Paper)
  • Daily News Fed Up With Cuomo Robbing Transit Riders
  • In the State Budget: More of Cuomo’s Pet “Economic Development” Projects, Less Oversight (Gotham Gazette)
  • NJ Transit Train Immobilized for Hours Under the Hudson on Friday (AMNY), Then Hell Broke Loose (WNYC)
  • During Peak Hours, Astoria Ferry Service Will Max Out at Three Boats Per Hour (DNA)
  • NYC Pavement Quality Has Been Eroding Since 2012 (Crain’s)
  • Daily News: Make the Q70 Fare-Free Forever
  • Turns Out, Taxi Medallions Were a Risky Bet (NY1)
  • Will the Problem of Illegal Police and Court Officer Parking on Jay Street Ever Be Solved? (Bklyn Paper)
  • A Visual Metaphor for Our Times (WWLP)

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  • guest

    Unrelated… Does anyone know if DOT publishes street painting schedules like they do with paving? Ave A was repaved over a week ago, and there are still no bike lanes or crosswalks. After they repaved E 7th st a good while ago (last spring perhaps?) they never painted crosswalks on it, e.g. at the intersections of E 7th with Ave A (by Tompkins Sq Park) or with 1st Ave. Did they just give up on painting crosswalks in the East Village? How much longer can it take? I’ve called 311 to report cars parked where the crosswalk should be painted, but is there anything else one can do to nudge DOT to get this done?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “The best they can point to is an advance payment of $65 million toward the MTA’s capital plan, a shifting of money that does nothing to augment service today and in all likelihood won’t appreciably matter to capital spending years down the road anyway.”

    Again, the question is whether that is actual cash money collected in FY 2018? Or just a promise by Generation Greed to borrow more and not pay it back?

    As for Cuomo robbing transit riders, I assume that he will not be the personal recipient of the $65 million. And I don’t recall any tax cuts this year — taxes are increasing. So part of the discussion of where the money is not going is where the money is in fact going instead. And part of that discussion is how much is being spent in each case relative to other places, and relative to the past.

  • Guest

    Jay St planters:
    1) Why can’t DOT just anchor the planters down?
    2) With all the security here, NYPD really can’t figure out who is doing this?

  • Guest

    DOT has been abysmal at coordinating its marking crew with the paving crew. The lack of temporary markings seems like a clear violation of the MUTCD, and it wouldn’t be surprising if DOT eventually ends up paying a very large settlement after a tragic crash they might have helped avoid…

  • djx

    “NYPD really can’t figure out who is doing this?”


  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Much of the illegal parking on this street is by the NYPD, so they may well be the ones doing it.

  • AMH

    Rule of thumb is markings come about 4 weeks after paving.

  • Vooch

    and 4 weeks after arrive the crew laying new pipe to dig up street

  • JudenChino
  • HamTech87

    Will the new ferries have the equivalent of BusTime real time information shared on the Net and Smartphones?

  • kevd

    Oh, they finally repaved. It had been torn up for a couple of weeks.


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