Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Reaches a Budget Deal That Empowers Cuomo in Future Budget Talks (Politico)
  • Speeding Driver Kills 21-Year-Old Man, Injures 5 Others in Brownsville (Gothamist, Post 1, 2, 3)
  • Elderly SUV Driver Veers Onto Astoria Sidewalk, Injures Man and Smashes Into a Building (Post)
  • Stoned Unlicensed Box Truck Driver Critically Injures Girl in Williamsburg (DNA)
  • The Times Delves Into Penn Station Dysfunction
  • NJ Lawmakers Say They’ll Get to the Bottom of Derailments at Penn (Politico)
  • Schumer’s Using This Opportunity to Press Trump for Infrastructure Money (AMNY, Post)
  • Concrete Ties Are No Cure-All for Derailments (WNYC)
  • DOT Installs Ped Safety Upgrades at Jamaica Ave and Jackie Robinson Parkway (News12)
  • Drivers Get a Reminder to Stop for Pedestrians at Cadman Plaza East and Red Cross Place (Bklyn Paper)

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  • Vooch

    what about a ‘Ghost Pedestrian’
    program ?

    spray paint a white outline of every incident of traffic violence in one’s neighborhood ?

    if people knew traffic violence was this widespread ( see attached for just few months ) it might start transforming the agenda. People are horrified when I show them this image.

    Advocates realize the extent of carnage on our streets, but very few other do.

  • Larry Littlefield

    New Jersey and New York politicians:

    How dare a federal agency cash cow our transportation system to send money to other interests! Only we are allowed to do that!

  • AnoNYC

    Any updates on:

    E 81st St East River Greenway Bridge? Bridge is almost done it seems. When will it open?

    Bruckner Blvd Greenway Phase 2? No movement, no presentations, nothing?

    E 138th St and Bruckner Blvd traffic calming plan implementation? Plan was presented a year ago and recently someone else was killed there.

    2nd Ave bike lanes south of the Queensboro Bridge and near Q-M Tunnel?

    De Blasio’s city wide traffic mitigation plan?



Today’s Headlines

Nicole Gelinas: NJ Transit’s Broke, Just Like the Rest of New Jersey (Post) A New Penn Station Train Hall Is Nice, But the Region Really Needs Better Trans-Hudson Rail (Politico) Will Hoboken Crash Investigators Get Access to a Functional Data Recorder? (WSJ, AP) Cab Driver Strikes and Critically Injures Cyclist in East Harlem; NYPD Blames Victim (News) DNA Previews Today’s […]

Today’s Headlines

City Hall’s Times Square Task Force Backs Plazas, Proposes Limits on Performers (NYT) Man Arrested After Intentionally Mowing Down Construction Workers in Midtown (DNA) More Coverage of Uber Driver Who Hit Kids on Bronx Sidewalk (News, Post, Gothamist) Tractor-Trailer Driver Injures Man in Crown Heights Crosswalk (DNA) Port Authority Commissioner Kenneth Lipper Wants Amtrak Ticket […]

Today’s Headlines

Turning SUV Driver Kills Andrea Kremen, 68, on UES; “No Criminality Suspected” (News, WPIX) Cuomo’s Penn Station: Advo Concerns Muted (Crain’s); Dwyer: Could Happen; WNYC Posts Timeline Pouring Cash Into the Moribund Convention Business Is the Quintessential Cuomo Big Idea (NYT, Politico) Politico Says Master Road-Builder Cuomo Is Shaping Up as a Climate Change Hero Port Authority Reform Goes Nowhere in NJ State Legislature (Politico) WSJ: […]

Today’s Headlines

Special Election to Replace Silver, Skelos, and Two Others Set for April 19 (NYT) Drunk Driver Kills Man in Washington Heights (News) Hit-and-Run Driver Severely Injures Woman in Williamsburg (Gothamist, Post) Taxi Driver Critically Injures 25-Year-Old Man in Chelsea (News) A Look at the Highly Punitive, High-Stakes, Low-Compensation Life of Delivery Cyclists (WNYC) With Uber Fare […]

Today’s Headlines

Rosenthal and Levine Intro Bill for Summer Study of Car-Free Central Park (CapNY, News, WCBS) It’s Shockingly Rare for Drivers Who Crash to Receive Even a Minimal Penalty (WNYC) Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Man on Queens Blvd in Woodside (WPIX, WCBS) Truck Driver Injures Six in Forest Hills Store; “No Criminality” (News, Post, DNA, WCBS, WPIX) […]

Today’s Headlines

Judge Dismisses Crackpot Lawsuit to Rip Out NYC Bike Lanes (News, Post) Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson Announces Leave of Absence for Cancer Treatment (NYT) On the Stand, Christie Lackey Wildstein Implicates Cuomo in Bridgegate Cover-Up (NYT, Politico) Incoming RPA Chair Disagrees With RPA Criticism of Cuomo’s Penn Station Plan (Politico, DNA) What’s Behind the Slowed […]