Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Reaches a Budget Deal That Empowers Cuomo in Future Budget Talks (Politico)
  • Speeding Driver Kills 21-Year-Old Man, Injures 5 Others in Brownsville (Gothamist, Post 1, 2, 3)
  • Elderly SUV Driver Veers Onto Astoria Sidewalk, Injures Man and Smashes Into a Building (Post)
  • Stoned Unlicensed Box Truck Driver Critically Injures Girl in Williamsburg (DNA)
  • The Times Delves Into Penn Station Dysfunction
  • NJ Lawmakers Say They’ll Get to the Bottom of Derailments at Penn (Politico)
  • Schumer’s Using This Opportunity to Press Trump for Infrastructure Money (AMNY, Post)
  • Concrete Ties Are No Cure-All for Derailments (WNYC)
  • DOT Installs Ped Safety Upgrades at Jamaica Ave and Jackie Robinson Parkway (News12)
  • Drivers Get a Reminder to Stop for Pedestrians at Cadman Plaza East and Red Cross Place (Bklyn Paper)

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  • Vooch

    what about a ‘Ghost Pedestrian’
    program ?

    spray paint a white outline of every incident of traffic violence in one’s neighborhood ?

    if people knew traffic violence was this widespread ( see attached for just few months ) it might start transforming the agenda. People are horrified when I show them this image.

    Advocates realize the extent of carnage on our streets, but very few other do.

  • Larry Littlefield

    New Jersey and New York politicians:

    How dare a federal agency cash cow our transportation system to send money to other interests! Only we are allowed to do that!

  • AnoNYC

    Any updates on:

    E 81st St East River Greenway Bridge? Bridge is almost done it seems. When will it open?

    Bruckner Blvd Greenway Phase 2? No movement, no presentations, nothing?

    E 138th St and Bruckner Blvd traffic calming plan implementation? Plan was presented a year ago and recently someone else was killed there.

    2nd Ave bike lanes south of the Queensboro Bridge and near Q-M Tunnel?

    De Blasio’s city wide traffic mitigation plan?



Today’s Headlines

No One Knows When Penn Station Will Be Functional Again (NYT 1, 2; Politico; News; Post) Nicole Gelinas on Train Derailments as the New Normal (CJ) Several Dock-Less Bike-Share Companies Looking to Launch in NYC (Post) More on Council’s Proposed Bike-Share Expansion and Discount Fares (AMNY, News) NY1: Uber Bill Included in State Budget Deal Drivers, 2 Unlicensed, Critically Injure People in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan […]

Today’s Headlines

De Blasio Notes Cuomo’s Screwy Transpo Priorities, Gov’s Flacks Lose It (Politico, @2AS, News) Assembly Member Robert Carroll: Enact Road Pricing and Shift BQX Budget to the MTA (Eagle) New Yorkers Say State and City Should Boost MTA Funding (WSJ — Paywall) Straphangers Vent to WNYC About Their Subway Commutes News Endorses Rail Reactivation on Rockaway Beach […]

Today’s Headlines

Trump Budget Would Ax Capital Funding for NYC Subway and Bus Projects (Post) MTA Budget for Signal Repairs Is Declining, Projects Years Behind Schedule (AMNY, Post, News) Cuomo’s Transit Solution: Get More People Driving Into Manhattan (Voice) Congestion Pricing Killer Richard Brodsky Has Thoughts on Fixing the MTA (News) Judge Rules Uber Drivers Are Employees Entitled to Benefits (Politico, AMNY) Scenes From […]

Today’s Headlines

Surprise! Cuomo’s MTA Funding Pledge Was a Bait-and-Switch (C&S, McMahon, 2AS, Politico) After Tough Talk (Politico), Cuomo Gets Mealymouthed on NYC Budget Hit (NYT 1, 2; News 1, 2) De Blasio Reminds the Public That the MTA Is a State Agency Controlled by the Governor (Politico) Drivers Seriously Injure Pedestrians on Amsterdam Ave., Ocean Ave.; NYPD Blames Victims (News) City Study Rumored to […]

Today’s Headlines

Penn Station Wasn’t Fixed in Time for This Morning’s Commute (AMNY, Post, NY1, AP) Derailment Caused by Known Track Flaw Amtrak Failed to Fix (NYT, Politico) Penn Dysfunction Has Transit Experts Pining for Gateway (Politico, WNYC, MTR) Astoria Ferry Launch Date Pegged for August (DNA) Advance Maps Thousands of Staten Island “Accidents” CB 3 Begs DOT for Relief […]

Today’s Headlines

Bus Driver Kills Citi Bike Rider Dan Hanegby, 36, in Chelsea (NYT, Post, News, DNA) Hit-and-Run Drivers, One With TLC Plates, Kill Gabriel Garcia in Mott Haven (News, NY1) LIRR Will Try to Siphon Riders to Buses and Ferries This Summer (Politico, NYT, Gothamist) Related: Cuomo’s MTA Suggests People Arrange Lives Around Broken Transit System (Post) Gothamist Dings Cuomo for Pandering to Motorists as […]