You Can Now Vote on How to Spend Money for Your Neighborhood (If You Live in One of These Districts)

Transportation and street safety projects are on ballots across the city.

Residents of these 31 council districts can decide how they spend their representatives' discretionary funds. Map: PB NYC
Residents of these 31 council districts can decide how they spend their representatives' discretionary funds. Map: PB NYC

It’s that time of year again, when residents in 31 of NYC’s 51 City Council districts can cast a ballot to decide how to spend their council member’s discretionary funds.

Voting for participatory budgeting is open until April 2. And for the first time in the program’s six-year history, the council has provided an online voting option.

There are a number of transit and safety projects on the ballot — mostly small-scale improvements like curb extensions and bus countdown clocks. Here are few projects to track, including a couple that are getting a second crack at the ballot.

Here’s a look at a two other streets-related projects on this year’s ballots.

Grand Concourse Safety Improvements (District 15)

Since 2013, more than 1,000 people have been injured and 13 people killed in traffic crashes on the Grand Concourse. In January, DOT held a public workshop on the next phase of its project to reconstruct the street, and local advocates and elected officials are pushed to include protected bike lanes and bus lanes.

On the ballot in Council Member Ritchie Torres’ district, this item would provide $350,000 to “install new medians, planting, and markings” along the Concourse between East 173rd Street and Fordham Road.

Cherry Walk Rehab (District 7)

Poor lighting and shoddy pavement on this Hudson River Greenway segment between 100th Street to 125th Street creates hazards, especially for cyclists at night. This item on the ballot in Council Member Mark Levine’s district would put $150,000 toward new lighting and partial reconstruction of the path.

Meeker Avenue Safety Improvement (District 33)

A $400,000 boost for safety improvements along Meeker Avenue didn’t make the cut in last year’s vote, but residents of the 33rd District can vote for a related project his year.

On the ballot is $250,000 to continue work where Metropolitan Avenue intersects with Meeker under the BQE to shorten crossing distances “and encourage lower speeds.”

  • van_vlissingen

    If you live in District 23 (Barry Grodenchik) you can vote to repave the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway – a highway that has been converted to the exclusive use of pedestrians and bicyclists.