Today’s Headlines

  • Health Department: The Number of New Yorkers Who Bike Is on the Rise (AMNY)
  • The Driver Who Killed 13-Year-Old Jazmine Marin Gets a Pass From NYPD (News, Post)
  • Surely This State DOT Highway Expansion Will Fix Staten Island’s Traffic Problems (DNA)
  • Passenger Exiting SUV Doors Northbound Cyclist on Jay Street By MetroTech (Bklyn Paper)
  • Woodhaven SBS NIMBYs Also Detest Expansion of Pedestrian Space — Go Figure! (TL)
  • DNA Checks in on Bike-Share Planning for Crown Heights
  • The Plaza Component of a Van Wyck Widening Project Is Finally Getting Built (DNA)
  • Must-Have Luxury Amenity for the Cloistered Class: Private Driveways (Bloomberg)
  • Signs of Second Ave Subway Progress at 63rd and Third (NY1)
  • The Times Supports Bill to Double Street Vendor Permits

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  • ItsEasyBeingGreen


  • Reader

    No word from Mayor de Blasio after a kid is killed on a Vision Zero priority corridor? Color me not surprised in the slightest.

  • Elizabeth F

    > Must-Have Luxury Amenity for the Cloistered Class: Private Driveways (Bloomberg)

    New York: you know you’ve made it when you can have in Manhattan things that are taken for granted by the middle class everywhere else in the country.

  • JudenChino

    Which was the first business day after someone was run over and killed in a horrific manner by an express bus in the financial district and the driver thereof was charged (for which, I was a little surprised, since no one saw where the driver hit the victim).

  • Maggie

    The speed limit is 30 mph along Cross Bay Boulevard. Maybe NYPD can tell the public and a grieving dad how fast the Chevy El Camino’s driver was going. Seems relevant.

  • qrt145

    Re: Signs of Second Ave Subway Progress at 63rd and Third.

    Any update on the state of the 2nd Ave bike lane in this area? The last time I went by, a few weeks ago, it was unusable south of 88th St or so.

    Is there a “usable bike lane” map somewhere? And I don’t mean usable in the sense of ideals of quality; simply “not closed by construction”.

  • steely

    what is your point, exactly?

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    That the design on Jay Street is bad and that it has not been fixed.

  • Vooch

    Why can’t street vendors be located in a street parking space ? Sidewalk space is far too precious

  • AMH

    I noticed the active voice in the article about the doored cyclist:

    “…a driver hit the rider with the car’s door…”


  • steely

    it needs to improve, and we are working on that, but celebrating victories, however incremental, is an important part of effective organizing. it’s not easy winning green improvements.

  • Jesse

    I noticed that too. That article was surprisingly well written. I expected to read “a cyclist slammed into the door…” at some point.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Auxiliary Lanes” for a highway widening again huh? Back when I was at City Planning, and you couldn’t do anything, that would have prompted a lawsuit on the basis of segmentation.

    In any event, suddenly several people are reading the old post I wrote on the Staten Island Expressway and following the link.

    As I noted in that post, I’m not reflexibly opposed to all road improvements in already-developed areas. But everyone yelling about “process” and “review” of bus, bicycle and pedestrian improvements should officially shut up.

  • AMH

    Well, that’s exactly what the driver/passenger said.


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