Today’s Headlines

  • Revised DOT Plan for 111th Street Keeps a Car Lane and Drops Crosswalks (DNA)
  • Doored Cyclist Run Over by MTA Bus Driver in Williamsburg, in Critical Condition (DNANews)
  • StreetsPAC Petition Calls on NYPD to Update the Public on Matthew von Ohlen Investigation
  • Nassau County Exec Ed Mangano Expected to Be Charged in Corruption Probe (WSJPost)
  • Christie Will Appear in Court to Answer Bridgegate Summons (Post)
  • De Blasio’s MTA Board Appointees Make News by Not Sitting on Their Hands (WSJ)
  • Bronx Motorist Who Killed Three People Last Halloween Indicted for Homicide (DNA)
  • Someone Died After DOT Changed an UES Intersection to Accommodate One Motorist (DNA)
  • NYPD Issuing Criminal Summonses for Crossing Tracks Where LIRR Removed Ped Bridge (TL)
  • Advance Looks at History of Attempts to Bring the Subway to Staten Island

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  • “While painted crosswalks had been included in the original plan, they
    are not in the updated one due to the width of road with two car lanes,
    an official explained.”


  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Could the fact that people are constantly instructed to ride in the door zone be increasing dooring risk?

  • JudenChino

    Yah, Smith St is awful. 9th was super dangerous this morning. This is why I now take Bergen across most days. This is from today:

  • Kevin Love

    Good enough for the likes of you.

  • ohnonononono

    The specific examples of what exactly BDB’s appointees to the MTA are doing are somewhat underwhelming given the headline.

  • Joe R.

    This reminds me why I rarely ride during the day. I got stressed out just watching that. I could even mentally smell the fumes.

    The title is perfect, too.


Today’s Headlines

Niou Takes Silver’s Seat; Alcantara, De La Rosa, Sanders, Carroll Win; Markey Out (NYT, Politico, DNA) L Shutdown: City Plans Delancey Bikeway, Bike Parking (WSJ); MTA to Study Car-Free 14th St. (News) City Council Set to Close Right of Way Law Loophole Ignored by de Blasio and DOT (AMNY) Vision Zero: If You’re Lecturing Children, You’re Doing It Wrong (NYT, Advance) […]

Today’s Headlines

Cuomo’s MTA: Board Approves Capital Plan, Says Don’t Worry About $14B in Added Debt (NYT, 2AS) Prendergast Says MTA Hasn’t Settled on Canarsie Tube Repair Plans (Gothamist) Paul White: NYPD Indifference to Street Safety Starts With Bill Bratton (News) Motorists Injure 2 Kids and Senior in Separate Crashes; Driver Kills Self in Queens (News 1, 2; Post) James Gregg: Trucker Cited for […]

Today’s Headlines

Queens Teen With Learner’s Permit Crashes New Car on Southern State Parkway, Killing 4 (NYT) Fare Hike Option Would Raise Monthly and Weekly Rates, Leave Base Fare Unchanged (News) Fulton Street Station Now Accessible From Broadway and Dey Street (DNA) MTA to Eliminate Cash Tolls on Henry Hudson Bridge (WSJ) If Only There Were Some Way […]

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Let’s Stop Pretending Community Boards Are Qualified to Decide Transportation Policy (Reclaim) There’s an Accurate Way to Measure Subway Performance That the MTA Isn’t Using (TransitCenter) If DOT and the MTA Get L Line Transitways Right, There Won’t Be a Need for Private Shuttle Buses (Voice) Daily News Editorial Board: Still a Lot of Unanswered BQX […]

Today’s Headlines

Ambulance Driver Killed Cyclist in Flushing Wednesday Morning (Post, Gothamist, NY1) NYPD: Cyclist Who Killed Irving Schachter Swerved to Avoid a Pedicab (Post) After Driver Injures Cyclist, Bushwick Residents Say Irving Avenue Is a Dangerous Speedway (DNA) Keegan Stephan and Wiley Norvell Weigh in on “Operation Safe Cycle” (WSJ) Gothamist: Some Bike Tickets Are Better […]

Today’s Headlines

Samuel Cohen-Eckstein, 12, Killed on PPW; NYPD Says He Chased Ball Into Street (Stoop, News, DNA) Ray Kelly: Deadly Traffic Crashes Just Too “Complex” for NYPD (Atlantic Cities) De Blasio Talks Bikes, MTA Payroll Tax, BRT, Dodges Congestion Pricing on Reddit (News, Advance) At CityLab Conference, de Blasio Says Protected Bike Lanes Are a “Success” (WNYC) Officer Arrested […]