Today’s Headlines

  • Van Driver Kills Cyclist in East Elmhurst; Cops Blame Victim (News)
  • This Week Anthony Foxx Can Turn Up the Pressure to Remove Highways in New York State (MTR)
  • Inside the Lobbying Effort Against the Proposed Waste Transfer Station on the UES (Politico)
  • David Dinkins Sued for Striking Cyclist and Fleeing, Deploys the “I Didn’t See Him” Defense (Post)
  • NYPD Driver Crashes Squad Car in Park Slope, Injuring Two (News)
  • Cap’n Transit Is Concerned About the Queens Boulevard Redesign at 57th Avenue
  • DOT Studying Safety Fixes at Corporal Kennedy Street and 26th Ave in Bayside (TL)
  • Policy Change Makes Broken Fare Machines Less of a Hassle for SBS Riders (DNA)
  • You Can Exhale, Hermine Didn’t Give Cuomo a Good Excuse to Shut Down the Subways (NY1)
  • Who Knew? The Budnick Bikeway Makes a Great Backdrop for a Wedding Photo Shoot (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Anthony Foxx is a lame duck. The question is who will replace them. Based on the (Bill) Clinton Administration, I’d expect Senator Clinton’s appointment to be bad. Based on the Republican platform, I’d expect Trump’s appointment to be worse, although the fact that he is a New York guy might mitigate against that.

    All in all, I’d prefer that the federal government just get out of the build environment entirely. Does anyone understand how much the federal government is spending, mostly off the books in contingent liabilities, to keep housing prices high, particularly in the suburbs?

    The built environment is one of the few cases where Albany, bad as it is, is better than Washington, and City Hall is better than that.

  • com63

    Good policy change on the SBS. Pols should really focus on making buses faster. There are so many easy things they could do.

  • Voter

    17 New Yorkers have been killed riding their bikes so far this year. Mayor de Blasio is completely MIA on this issue.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    So did the West Indian parade make it around the ped island at the Brooklyn Museum without any disaster? Can they put the other ped islands back and pretend last week’s idiocy never happened?

  • JudenChino

    Saw this this morning. Glad I just re-upped my TA membership

  • sbauman

    I’d prefer that the federal government just get out of the build environment entirely

    It’s easier to change a single build standard that 50 states must obey, than to change 50 separate standards.

  • SSkate

    I’m wondering who the two were that were injured in the police car crash. Two cops inside the car, or was a pedestrian or someone else involved? The article doesn’t say.


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