Driver Kills Maria Serrano, 50, as Victim Walked Her Dog in SI Crosswalk

A driver killed Maria Serrano at Richmond Road and Amboy Road in Staten Island. The white arrow indicates the path of the victim, and the red arrow indicates the path of the driver. Image: Google Maps
A driver killed Maria Serrano at Richmond Road and Amboy Road in Staten Island. The white arrow indicates the path of the victim, and the red arrow indicates the path of the driver. Image: Google Maps

A Staten Island motorist killed a woman who was out walking her dog Saturday. The victim was the sixth person killed by a driver while walking or biking in the 122nd Precinct in the last 13 months.

Maria Serrano, 50, was crossing Richmond Road at Amboy Road, in the crosswalk, at around 6:49 a.m. when Luigi Tucci hit her with a Toyota pickup truck while turning left on Richmond, according to reports from the Staten Island Advance and Gothamist.

A witness told the Advance the victim was “catapulted into the air” upon impact. A photo of the scene shows the pickup stopped in the crosswalk and a pool of blood on the street several yards in front of it.

Serrano sustained injuries to her head and body. She died Sunday morning at Staten Island University Hospital in Ocean Breeze, the Advance reported.

“She was a really wonderful woman. It was just a very, very sad thing,” Serrano’s neighbor Robert Brady told the Daily News. “She was really into animals.” Relatives and friends are searching for Serrano’s dog, who went missing from the scene.

Police arrested Tucci, 71, and charged him with failure to yield and careless driving. As of this afternoon the case did not appear in an online database of court records.

This fatal crash occurred in the 122nd Precinct, where motorists have killed four pedestrians and two cyclists since April 2015, according to crash data compiled by Streetsblog. NYPD data show precinct officers issued 171 failure to yield citations and 499 speeding summonses this year as of April.

Maria Serrano was killed in the City Council district represented by safe streets critic Steven Matteo.

  • walknseason

    Is that the precinct that also covers for Pantaleo? Just a district that loves murder!

  • com63

    They should put an island in the middle of that street if all drivers insist on cutting the corner. Both cars in google street view are doing it and the truck who killed this woman is doing it too.

  • neroden
  • I am so sick of people getting killed when they have the walk sign! Why aren’t we all asking for Split phase signals? The city DOT bears the full reponsibility for this faulty design.

  • AMH

    Split-phase signals may not be appropriate everywhere; they require more turning lanes for vehicles and reduce walk time for pedestrians. But at T-intersections like this one where all vehicles are turning, it would definitely be better to have an all-way pedestrian phase than to make people cross the dominant traffic flow. Still, I would say that drivers bear the responsibility for failing to yield, which is one of the most basic rules of driving.

  • walknseason

    Fair enough. An *area* that protects murderers :-/

  • AMH . I find it counter productive to expect that 100% fo the drivers will drive carefully . Vison zero fundamental premise is that the road has to be designed to accommodate drivers errors and prevent them from being lethal.
    Per a New york city based study, Split phases reduces crashes by 77% and reduce twice as many crashes on protected bike as the lanes without them .
    What do we value more ? more crossing time and get killed or a bit less and you are safe? No turning lanes and more through lanes for cars , or dead pedestrians?
    We need to accept some trade offs and for me , a saved child or family or neighbor justifies turn lanes and shorter crossing time
    And these are not real trade offs anyway: The turn lanes already exists: it’s called a car turning in front of you in a through lane and you cannot proceed , and the shorter crossing time could be compensated by shorter green time for cars. Let’s not let the “system” pigeonhole us in choices dictated by a car centric framework. We need to unpack the framework first, and then everything works.

    but yeah we agree this is infuriating .. on 9th avenue we had 7 deaths, all in the pedestrian crossings with the light – one a 7 month pregnant mother on my corner – so I am pretty intense about this business of turning cars .

  • Flakker

    In all fairness at least the driver was arrested. Hell, the DA actually finally indicted the boat trailer guy. I mean, it’s not like they were, say, drunk cops crashing into a storefront.