Today’s Headlines

  • NJ Transit Strike Would Strand Tens of Thousands, Metro-North Commuters Included (NYT, DNA)
  • City Will Launch New Ferries Next Spring Because of Low Winter Ridership Estimates (DNA)
  • Why Is de Blasio Hiding the Data That Informed His Uber Congestion Report? (Politico)
  • Cuomo’s Obsession With Humiliating de Blasio Could Hamper Affordable Housing Plans (Politico)
  • New York City Recognizes the Value of Street Space, Except When It Doesn’t (NYT)
  • New Willoughby Street High-Rise Has Its Own Subway Entrance, Open to the Public (Bklyn Paper)
  • Bronx Dad in Coma After Driver Sends Him “Hurtling” Outside Victim’s Deli (News)
  • Off-Duty Cops Leaving SI Bar Hit Car, Crash Into Salon, Hide Out Overnight — No Charges (News, Post)
  • Father of Staten Island Hit-and-Run Driver Shocked to See Son Treated “Like a Criminal” (News)
  • Don’t Worry, Prospective Citizen: Reckless Driving Is an American Tradition (News)
  • New Jersey’s Low Gas Tax Hurts New York, Too (Crain’s)

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  • ddartley

    Both the News and the Post links for the drunk driving SI cops take you to the Post story.

  • I wonder how much the NYPD pays yearly for turning the sidewalks around their stations into parking lots?

  • Brad Aaron

    Thanks. Fixed.

  • Reader

    This is a rhetorical question, no?

  • Guest

    When you know the NYPD will cover up your illegal parking and reckless driving with an illegal license plate cover, you start feeling like DUI isn’t a big deal either. See @placardabuse on twitter… The NYPD is one of the biggest threats to safety on our streets.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    who cycled to work in the snow today ?

    I rode 4 miles to a meeting this morning. It was great to be warmed up & energized by the movement, plus the brisk air was nice.

    who else ?

  • Geck

    Nice 5 mile ride. The Brooklyn Bridge was a bit messy, but my winter tires did the trick.

  • Jonathan R

    Good job! I bailed on the bicycle cause today is heavy with meetings and I wanted to dress up.

  • HamTech87

    You would think that the NJ Transit shutdown of the Pascack Valley and Port Jervis lines would lead officials to at least consider creating temporary bus lanes on the bridges. Guess not.

  • I rode to Downtown Manhattan from Woodhaven. On the streets, the snow was not an issue at all; my ride on the streets in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan was completely normal. However, the Williamsburg Bridge was another story. There was a coating of snow that made that surface very slippery. I wound up riding very slow, a fraction of my normal speed.

  • Mike

    Rode 10 blocks to the nearest subway station and took the train in. There were some slippery patches that made me not want to risk going further.


Today’s Headlines

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