Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Administration Settles With TWU Over Right-of-Way Lawsuit (AMNY, News, NY1, Post)
  • Tom Ryan, UPS Worker Struck by Hylan Blvd Driver in April, Dies of Injuries; No Charges (Advance)
  • Times Square Isn’t the First Time the Mayor Has Disappointed Livable Streets Advocates (Politico)
  • Gelinas: Even Thinking of Ripping Up Times Square Shows a Stunning Lack of Imagination (Post)
  • Video: Police Seek South Bronx Hit-and-Run Driver Who Backed Into Woman (News, Post, WNBC)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Pedestrian Where City Recently Cancelled Slow Zone (DNA, Advance 1, 2)
  • The Intersection of Guider Av and Coney Island Av Will Become a Little Less Treacherous (Bklyn Daily)
  • Today’s the Day: The Taxi of Tomorrow Is Officially NYC’s New Taxicab (NYT)
  • More Coverage of Bike Racks on Two MTA Bus Routes: News, Post, DNA, WNBC, Gothamist
  • EDC Seeks Affordable Housing Developer for NYPD Parking Lot on Far West Side (Politico)

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  • armyvet00

    Meanwhile in other parts of the country people are in jail for accidents potenailly caused by car defects. I don’t understand how it is possible for these other states to so easily put people in jail for car related accidents but in NY you can literally kill multiple times and have no criminality suspected and be on your way in a few minutes.

  • WalkingNPR

    The hitting a person IS the evidence that you didn’t exercise due care!

    I don’t know what other horse trading occurred to reach this outcome with the TWU. I’m sure there was plenty and maybe this is the lesser of evils, but I find this a very disappointing concession.

  • BBnet3000

    We can only hope the next victims of De Blasio and the TWU are their own loved ones rather than ours. It’s no more morbid than their own actions.

  • Matthias

    Wow, Gelinas’ piece is the best thing I’ve read in the Post in awhile.

  • Matthias

    Interesting, thanks. That story confirms that the lives of motor vehicle occupants are more valuable than the lives of cyclists and pedestrians.

  • HamTech87

    Some questions raised in the SI Advance article’s comments section about the killing of the UPS worker by a driver. Asking why the driver was not identified. Asking why the SI driver had North Carolina plates. Saying that witnesses said the driver was not looking at the road, but had his head down.

    Perhaps a Streetsblog investigation is needed?

  • Jesse

    It was good up until about half way through when she started in about the scourge of improperly secured scaffolding and traffic in what seemed like a deliberate attempt to ignore vision zero and the dangers of automobiles.

  • Simon Phearson

    I’m astonished, personally, that the relevant police officers and prosecutors didn’t take the then-unbelievable assertions of mechanical malfunctions as completely exculpatory. Is that a particular innovation of the NYPD/DAs?

  • Flakker

    Yeah, I find all that less than a conspiracy than as “business as usual”. Has anyone, literally anyone, been fined in this state in the last decade for having out-of-state plates illegally? And as Streetsblog has extensively documented, you pretty much need to crash into a police station to have a good chance of facing criminal sanction for hitting and killing someone. And the Advance is simply terrible at traffic violence in terms of even acknowledging a driver exists, rather than bad, out-of-control cars “swerving” on their own into people.

  • Flakker


    I am sick to death of the negotiation and concessions. The city will (rightly) fight bogus slip-and-fall lawsuits for literally over a decade (my mother works in the Corporation Counsel office, and I know this has happened and they brag about winning these in their internal newsletter) and (wrongly) fight to protect criminal cops from lawsuits to the bitter end, but they’re rolling over on this? Seriously? If you didn’t have the courage of your convictions in passing the law you shouldn’t have passed it.

  • JamesR

    No, the piece was good up until the very end. This is the Post – she knew exactly what she was doing and who their readership is, and that pushing Vision Zero in this piece could get them to tune out completely. Nicole’s bona fides on livable streets are pretty clear by now.

  • bolwerk

    Concessions are never in favor of the public. It’s a natural consequence of the citizenry ultimately having no seat at the table.

  • Blood is on Commissioner Trottenberg’s hands today. Let’s hope her latest victim makes a full recovery.

  • Maggie

    EDC’s parcel at 495 Eleventh Avenue – maybe this is a failure of imagination on my part, but why not let a hotel go in here? It’s adjacent to the Javits Center, basically on top of the Lincoln Tunnel, a fair ways from the new 7 line stop but ideally situated for 42nd Street river-to-river transit.

    Is it possible to zone for a hotel here, and trade out to put much-needed affordable housing in a more hospitable part of Hell’s Kitchen?


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