Today’s Headlines

  • Cyclist Hit by Livery Cab Driver Is Third Killed at E. 108th and Park in Two Years (Gothamist, DNA)
  • Steve Hindy: To Be Successful, Vision Zero Must Change Motorists’ Mindset (Crain’s)
  • De Blasio Adding Staff to DOT, NYPD (Post); Would Use City Funds for School Bus Driver Raises (Post)
  • Drunk Drivers Collide in Crown Heights; One Car Jumps Curb; Passenger Dead (NewsAMNY)
  • Jose Peralta Asks NYPD for More Crossing Guards — Not More Enforcement — in Queens Precincts (TL)
  • Cab Riders United: Conventional Taxi Designs Unsafe for Riders, Punishing on Drivers (Gotham Gazette)
  • Motorists: Why Pay for Parking When the Muni-Meter Is Broken? (AMNY)
  • Fare-Beating Arrests Are Way Up, With Many Perpetrators Going to Jail (News)
  • Post: Settlement Cash a Perfect Fit for the New Tappan Zee, “Something Everyone Wants”
  • Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie Are Two Miscreant Peas in a Pod (WNYC 1, 2)
  • Mets Reliever Vic Black Left His Truck in Florida (News)

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  • Matthias

    “If [the muni-meter]’s broken, the cars in the area shouldn’t have to pay.”

    The cars don’t have to pay, but the drivers do.

  • Kevin Love

    “Fare-Beating Arrests Are Way Up, With Many Perpetrators Going to Jail”

    Kevin’s comment:
    I wonder how many car drivers are going to jail for not paying for their car parking?

  • Bolwerk

    Either should be fined. Putting them in jail costs us. Fining them costs them.

    Unfortunately, law ‘n order authoritarians are mostly too stupid to understand that.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The Federal Government has a different idea for settlement cash.

    They want New York City and State to repay $1.5 billion (so far) for improper and fraudulent Medicaid payments. That’s for 2010, with additional $billions for each subsequent year.

    Of course Cuomo could just blow the settlement cash and leave future politicians to hand out the pain.

    The Unsaid: Since the federal government only covers half of our Medicaid costs, we’ve ALREADY paid $1.5 billion in extra taxes, or suffered that amount in service cuts, or a combination, as a result of improper and fraudulent Medicaid payments.

    When you are taking about MTA debts, pension increases, Medicaid fraud, etc. you are talking about $billions — irrevocably gone, with more disappearing into the future. The beneficiaries keep the incumbent state legislatures of both parties in office.

    I have my issues with Cuomo too, but let me tell you by long experience, he isn’t the problem. He is Governor by acclimation because all our other NY State pols are worse.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Bus Driver Kills Citi Bike Rider Dan Hanegby, 36, in Chelsea (NYT, Post, News, DNA) Hit-and-Run Drivers, One With TLC Plates, Kill Gabriel Garcia in Mott Haven (News, NY1) LIRR Will Try to Siphon Riders to Buses and Ferries This Summer (Politico, NYT, Gothamist) Related: Cuomo’s MTA Suggests People Arrange Lives Around Broken Transit System (Post) Gothamist Dings Cuomo for Pandering to Motorists as […]

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SUV Yellow Cab Driver Kills 87-Year-Old Man on Lower East Side (Post) De Blasio on 111th Street: “This Plan Is Ready to Move, So We’re Going to Move It” (DNA) NYT to Cuomo: Sheridan Expressway Replacement Must Be a Livable Street Albany Lawmakers Are Hot to Pass an Uber Bill (Politico) Rockaway Ferry Service to Begin in […]

Today’s Headlines

Cab Driver Hits Woman, 64, on South Street in Manhattan; Victim in Critical Condition (DNA) Suspected Drunk Driver Plows Into S.I. Home at 4 A.M.; Injures Woman and Daughter (Post, News, DNA) Cyclist Struck by Driver at Division and Marcy Avenues in Brooklyn (DNA) Family of Alexander Martinez Wants Safer Queens Boulevard; Search Still On for Driver […]

Today’s Headlines

Manhattan Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez Introduces Toll Reform Bill (Crain’s) Prendergast: MTA About to Run Out of Cash for New Contracts (AMNY, WNYC, Post) Port Authority Board Expected to Vote on LaGuardia Revamp Today (Crain’s, AMNY) Port Authority and Amtrak Allot Funds for Gateway Engineering Work (Politico) De Blasio Knocks Bloomberg Development Policies, Says Cuomo Should Back Off (Politico) For Third […]