Today’s Headlines

  • Tom Vanderbilt: Street Design Cues Slow Down Drivers, and NYC Needs More (NYT)
  • Classy: Chris Christie Trolls NJ Transit Rider Sitting on Delayed Train (WNYC)
  • It’s Not a Casino, But @NYGovCuomo Still Psyched About the New Suburban Mall in Baychester
  • The Post Profiles Irving Schachter
  • WNYC Kind of Acknowledges That Drivers Block Bike Lanes, But Doesn’t Report On It
  • “Vicious Cycle” Redux: Bike Ticket Blitz Rouses the Post to Comment on Street Safety (@BrooklynSpoke)
  • Sticking Up for Ticketed Drivers Is the Tabloids’ Idea of Traffic Justice (News)
  • Hoylman Wants Bus Crash Records Made Public (DNA)
  • Disconnected Bike-Ped Trail Gets Inwoodites Closer to the Hudson, But Not Downtown (NYT)
  • A Brooklyn Landlord Is Giving Fixies to Tenants (DNA)
  • Pedestrians Aren’t Safe From This Narcissist, Even When Parked (NYT)

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  • I fact checked the Post editorial board so no one else has to, not even the Post editorial board.

  • Eric McClure

    Love the Daily News story on the Bronx bus stop. They couldn’t find a “Real New Yorker” to do the angry-arms-folded pose, so they just took a photo of the reporter.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    Glad to see that ramp finally coming to fruition. That’s the more important part of the project, rather than taking the stairs, which leads to that unusual and precarious location near the highway entrance. Would much prefer to take Dyckman Street.

    As for the connection of the new shoreline path to the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, the simplest way to connect the path to the greenway is to drive pilings and create the path over the river (similar to what’s been done to the greenway in the 70s) and reconnect with the greenway near the tower of the George Washington Bridge.

  • Brad Aaron

    Did not notice that.

    The “angry driver posed in front of car” trope is right up there with the “traffic/parking nightmare” that “left motorists fuming.”

    When the tabs run two anti-bike editorials with the same pun two days in a row, you know they’re out of gas. Time to hit the brakes!

  • wow. that’s so embarrassing.

  • Matthias

    “In the Bloomberg era, The Post argued that if the city was going to insist, as it did, on expanding cycling and making Gotham bike-friendly, the risk of accidents — bike-vs.-bike, bike-vs.-car, bike-vs.-pedestrian — was bound to rise, unless traffic laws were better enforced.”

    Actually, the risk was bound to drop. It’s a well-known fact that as cycling rates rise, accident rates drop even if the total quantity increases.

  • lop

    If the new cyclists are former transit riders, pedestrians, or new residents then the risk to pedestrians has increased, even if the risk to bicyclists has decreased,

  • Maggie

    Ugh… I hate the Post. (that ridiculous editorial)

    Hmm, I like the Post. (the Irving Schachter profile. And their goofy headlines. But really, the Irving Schachter profile.)

  • Guest

    They shouldn’t be booting cars in a bus stop… that maximizes the obstruction! Ticket, and tow, but don’t jam up the bus stop.

    Stupid enforcement that is counterproductive will make people assume they’re only getting ticketed for the revenue…