Today’s Headlines

  • Related Companies Venture Set to Purchase Alta Bicycle Share, Nearly Double Size of Citi Bike (WSJ)
  • From Signals to Wi-Fi to Countdown Clocks, MTA Lags Other Systems on Technology (City & State)
  • Have Some Input for the MTA Reinvention CommissionThe Times Wants to Hear It
  • Port Will Spend $90 Million on Bus Terminal for Fixes, Not Expansion (NYTWSJStar-Ledger)
  • City & State Skeptical of Whether Cuomo Is Serious About Structural Reforms to Port and MTA
  • Many Vehicles on Woodhaven Stay Parked for Weeks or Months at a Time (Forum)
  • City Planning Commission Reviews Plan to Expand SI Mall, Reduce Parking (Advance, Observer)
  • 13-Year-Old Cyclist Struck By Cabbie on Life Support (West Side Rag)
  • Off-Duty Newark Police Officer Chases Family, Pulls Gun After Road Rage Incident (Star-Ledger)
  • California Considers Using Amber Alerts to Notify Public of Hit-and-Run Drivers (LAT)
  • Free Parking Is Scarce Parking, and Scarce Parking Makes People Go Insane (WCBS)

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  • Andres Dee

    There are huge projects in progress on the west site, conveniently close to PABT, Penn or the 7. Hudson Yards comes to mind. Why wasn’t some bus infrastructure (a terminal or a layover facility) baked into the deal?

    Considering how many river crossings NYC built between 1880 and 1940, why can’t the city draw some bold lines and find the wherewithal to seem them through?

    Finally, a huge percentage of commuter lines are running “over the road” type buses, with high floors and underused luggage bays. These would seem a no-brainer for battery compartments and an electric conversion pilot. I’d focus on the lines that pick up on 5th Avenue and daily degrade the quality of life on that street with their noise and exhaust.

  • Tyler

    Why don’t planners make the obvious decisions? Take a look at Boston. They dug a massive $15 billion ditch in the ground between South Station (Amtrak, South/West Commuter Trains and Buses) and North Station (North Commuter Trains), but they did not include the basic and obviously necessary transit link between the two. You have to navigate two subway lines –for things like an onward journey (Amtrak –> Commuter Rail) or folks from Massachusetts or Rhode Island taking the train in to see a Celtics game or whatnot. The now have a direct link between South Station and the Airport, so progress I guess.

  • Cynical copy editor

    “13-Year-Old Cyclist Struck By Cabbie on Life Support”

    Licensing standards must be even lower than I thought if they allow cabbies on life support to drive!

  • Reader

    Perhaps the good news about the Citibike deal and expansion taking so long is that we’re that much closer to Citi’s sponsorship contract running out. Eventually this very popular “public transportation system” should be funded by a combination of user fees and city/state/federal funds, like most systems in the world.

  • JoshNY

    I’m pleasantly surprised to read that the Newark police officer was indicted for several offenses.

  • Maggie

    As part of the PABT improvements, I’d love to see 41st Street be pedestrianised between 8th Ave and 6th Ave at Bryant Park. It could be such an amazing gateway to NYC.

  • Charles

    That north-south rail link in Boston was going to be part of the Big Dig, but it got axed when costs spiraled out of control. Believe me, “planners” were all for it.


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