Today’s Headlines

  • Michael Ameri Moving From 78th Precinct to Head NYPD Highway Patrol, Including CIS (News)
  • 89-Year-Old Man Struck by Driver in Midwood on Monday Dies From Injuries (JP Updates)
  • Donohue: With Strike Looming, MTA, LIRR Union “Very Close” to Reaching Agreement (News)
  • Tourists Injured by Hell’s Kitchen Bus Driver Say They Had the Right of Way (News)
  • Staten Island Traffic Crackdown Results In Two Arrests of Unlicensed Drivers (Advance)
  • City Wants to Sell Parking Lot Near Flushing LIRR for $1 to Affordable Housing Developer (Crain’s)
  • REBNY Gung-Ho About 7 Train to Secaucus; MTA Still Not Interested (CapNY)
  • Stolen Citi Bikes Often End Up in the Bronx or Brooklyn, the Post Finds
  • Citi Bike’s App “Consistently Underreported” Bikes at Each Station (Bedford and Bowery)
  • Phil Goldfeder, Donovan Richards Score Traffic Lights in Far Rockaway From DOT (Forum)
  • Illegally Taking Up Parking Spaces for Yourself? The City Ought to Crack Down on That (NY1)

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  • Ian Turner

    Interesting, any word on whether Ciorra’s departure was voluntary? According to LinkedIn he is now “Anti-Terrorism Branch Chief” at the NY national guard.

  • Eric McClure

    I’m personally sorry to see Deputy Inspector Ameri leave the 78th Precinct, but I do believe he has an opportunity to make a big difference citywide if he continues to implement change the way he did at the precinct level, and continues to value the relationship with advocates that he really came to embrace at the 78.

  • Tyler

    So, Michael Ameri starts to strip away some of the corruption and above-the-law entitlements in the police force directly involved with the community… Let’s move him to the purely windshield-view part of the police force!!

    Let’s make sure he’s not actually a model for or have any influence on local precinct behavior!! We seem to have a leader that’s willing to push back against the entrenched (and toxic) culture of the NYPD… I guess not anymore.

    (I don’t deny he’ll probably do a great job in his new post, but the traffic on the BQE and escorting heads of state to the U.N. does not exactly influence the vast majority of the NYPD and their interaction with the community.)

  • Tyler

    Yes. I hope so… but there’s only so much “lead by example” you can do in an elite squad, separated structurally and operationally from the rest of the police force. I can imagine lots of “Yeah yeah, whatever Mike, you worry about the highways and we’ll do the ‘real work’ our way.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    LIRR workers are already paid more than workers other MTA services (or New Jersey Transit), are less productive, and have already been offered larger raises than the TWU got.

    As a question of fairness, who should have to pay the difference? Long Island commuters, in worse service and higher fares? Those who use other MTA services, such as the NYC subway? Other MTA workers, in lower wages increases than they would have otherwise had? Taxpayers throughout the MTA service area?

    Or the easy solution — nobody, because all the related sacrifices are deferred until those people who matter are no longer around to suffer them? So the two are disassociated.

    You saw that disability scandal. You can’t tell me that the associated attitude toward the rest of us suddenly arose on the date or retirement, rather than being present from the first day on the job.

    Meanwhile, if the next capital plan does not include Phase II of the Second Avenue Subway, why is that?

  • Kevin Love

    The disability scandal was due to fraud on the part of one doctor, who was duly punished. In my opinion, the “attitude” is “I am going to take whatever I can get away with.” This attitude is widely prevalent in American society, particularly in NYPD and definitely the 1%.

  • AnoNYC

    I have noticed increased Citi Bike ridership in the Bronx.

    Time for expansion? Lol!

  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s a big problem. What you said is exactly what the LIRR disability apologists said — anyone complaining is doing so out of envy. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? Everybody does it.

    I wouldn’t, but too many in the era of Generation Greed would. Which is why our public and private institutions are in the situation they are in. Put more in to save them, and those who control them simply take more out.

    Which is why I’ve come to take a despairing view of our existing organizations, and place my hopes in their replacements. And am glad I have the option of telecommuting, and generally get around by bike. Relying only on one of several competing small business bike shops for mobility.

    BTW, it wan’t just one doctor. You don’t get up to 97 percent disabled with one doctor. Another profession people relied on, that sold out ( or enough did to wreck the system).

  • lop

    Only the doctor committed fraud, not the ‘disabled’ retirees?

  • Kevin Love

    You are right. That will teach me to rely upon my memory rather than Google, which is saying that there were two doctors. Drs. Lesniewski and Ajemain were convicted of fraud and each sentenced to eight years in prison.

    Also, 30 other people, ranging from “railroad retiree consultants” to some of the retirees themselves were convicted of fraud and handed out lesser sentences.

    But I will stick to my main point, which is that the “attitude” of greed is common in contemporary American society.


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