Today’s Headlines

  • Number of Manhattan Gas Stations Has Dropped 35 Percent in 10 Years (WNYC)
  • NYPD Doles Out More Than 1,000 Tickets at Single Elmhurst Intersection in Five Days (DNA)
  • Non-Binding Federal Mediator Sides With LIRR Unions Over MTA (WNYC)
  • MTA Inspector General Finds “Rampant Nepotism” at NYC Transit’s Security Division (News)
  • Will Big Box Development Siphon Customers From Throggs Neck’s Main Street Merchants? (BxTimes)
  • Taxi Mogul Complains About Revolving Door Between TLC and Uber (Capital)
  • Seven Injured in Three-Car Crash in Meiers Corner, Staten Island (DNA)
  • Victim of Astoria Sidewalk Driving Maniac: “Everything Hurts Right Now” (Post)
  • How Not to Use the 9th Street Bike Lane (FiPS)
  • Ray Ploshansky Is the Aaron Naparstek of “Girls” (DNA)

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  • Aunt Bike

    A note of correction on “Seven Injured In Three-Car Crash in St. George”, it actually happened in Meiers Corners in Staten Island, not St. George.

  • Fixed, thanks.

  • JK

    500 Failure to Yield at one intersection in five days? That’s
    incredible. How many Failure to Yield are given out citywide in a year?
    Be really interesting if PD had researchers track those 500 motorists given those FTY summonses to see if it reduced their involvement in injury crashes or any crashes with cyclists or pedestrians over 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years etc. Of course, they should also be looking at data for that same intersection on what kind of change in driver behavior a summonsing blitz like this produced. Overall, they could really use more data on what kind of enforcement activity produces the best results — and to publish that research.

  • Eric McClure

    New York City’s traffic will eventually be limited exclusively to electric vehicles, when every last gas station is turned into a high-rise luxury condo.

  • Kevin Love

    Getting the infrastructure right means that walking, cycling or public transit is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way of getting from A to B. I applaud the reduction of Manhattan gas stations as a significant reduction in the convenience of car driving.

  • bolwerk

    It would be nice, but a huge portion of our drivers are outsiders who fill up in New Jersey, Westchester, and Long Island.

  • lop

    At least charge them extra for using the tunnels. They probably wouldn’t have to be cleaned as much if they were electric cars.

  • WalkingNPR

    Wow….never thought I’d see an article entitled “How Our Traffic Laws Are Killing Us” on Yahoo News. This is making the mainstream!–a-preventable-traffic-tragedy-200552242.html


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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