Today’s Headlines

  • After Delaying Speed Cam Vote, Cuomo Says Albany Will Pass Bill “Shortly” (News, CapNY, WNYC)
  • NYU Report Criticizes Port Authority for Focus on Non-Transpo Work, Governors’ Pet Projects (NYT)
  • Port Fixes: Reform Needed, But It’s Unlikely to Be Christie’s Breakup Idea (WSJ, 2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Schumer Amendment Would Allow Employers to Offer Bike-Share as Commuter Benefit (WNYC)
  • Bratton Shakeup Affects Upper Manhattan Precincts, Many Awaiting New Commanders (News)
  • Next Up After R Tunnel Reopens: A/C and F to Brooklyn Set for Sandy Closures (2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Hotel to Replace Two-Story Parking Garage on West 36th Street (Observer)
  • Spring Has Sprung for Bike Mechanics Seeing Seasonal Upswing in Business (NY1)
  • East River Ferry One-Way Weekend Fare Increases to $6 (Gothamist)
  • Gothamist Reads the Post Letters to the Editor on Bike-Share for the LOLz
  • Rest in Peace, Steve Faust (News)

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  • Ian Turner

    Ay-ay-ay, can’t we just get rid of all the commuter benefits, including parking? Trying to identify each possible way of commuting and then establishing benefits one by one just seems dumb and painful.

  • Ian Turner

    What are the odds the Crowne Plaza will be required to have parking?

  • guest

    Is there any followup to the hit-and-run in Flatbush 2 days ago where an SUV driver hurt 7 people, 2 seriously, and fled, according to DNA info? I haven’t seen any other reporting on this.


  • Danny

    The system as it exists:
    Let’s say, all things being equal, you have job offers from four different workplaces.
    The first is a 20-minute walk from your house.
    The second is a 20-minute bike ride away.
    The third is a 20-minute drive away.
    The fourth is a 20-minute subway ride away.

    You would get the biggest tax break by taking the one you have to drive to. There’s a small bike commuter tax benefit, a slightly better transit benefit, and a larger parking rebate if you drive. You get nothing for walking to work or working from home.

    Working is the act that should be rewarded with a tax break – not getting to work.

  • millerstephen

    Zero. It falls within the Manhattan Core, which has had parking maximums since 1982:

  • Wilfried84

    True, and perverse, but nevertheless driving is still the most expensive option, tax break not withstanding.

    It would be be nice if I could use my pre-tax transit dollars to pay for my my bike share membership.

  • JamesR

    Sad news about Steve Faust. I had the chance to meet him a year ago while commuting home via bike one day on the Putnam Trail through Yonkers and Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. As I’m riding, a bearded fellow comes up from behind and then along side me and we started chatting about how great it was to be able to ride on a paved, car-free pathway. When we were about to part ways in the park, we exchanged business cards, and upon seeing his name and realizing who he was, I was like “I’ve heard of you!”. We then spent another 20 minutes nerding out about bike advocacy and urban planning stuff. I had no idea he was sick ūüôĀ

  • Jonathan

    If they thought this way, US taxpayers would donate all their motor vehicles to charity to get the tax deduction and there would be no more traffic jams.

  • JoshNY

    There’s only a transit benefit if one’s employer chooses to participate in the program, which some (mine included) don’t.

  • Andrew

    It’s even worse if you’re picking a place to live based on your job rather than picking a job based on where you live, since the house that’a 20-minute drive away from the office is probably a lot cheaper to buy or rent than the apartment that’s a 20-minute walk or bike ride or subway ride away. And raising the limit for transit riders doesn’t help, since subway riders (as opposed to largely suburban commuter rail riders) only pay $112 per month.

    The transit benefit, if it exists at all, should be valid on housing expenses as well.

  • lop

    ‘And raising the limit for transit riders doesn’t help, since subway riders (as opposed to largely suburban commuter rail riders) only pay $112 per month.’

    That’s the key part. This tax break subsidizes the sort of sprawl that leads to long commutes, whether by commuter rail that exists solely to ferry people to and from work, or by car where so many people are coming from so far away spread over too much space for transit to be feasible to a dense urban core that parking in the core has to be rationed ($$). The goal shouldn’t be to add bike share or expanded transit benefits. The goal should be to eliminate this subsidy for sprawl. For parking and for transit.

  • Aunt Bike


Today’s Headlines

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