Today’s Headlines

  • Citi Bike GM Justin Ginsburgh Resigns (WSJ, WNYC, News); NYT Explains Citi Bike’s “Solvable” Woes
  • Prendergast Content to Let Cuomo Raid $40 Million From the Transit Agency He Runs (News)
  • De Blasio Asked Albany to Authorize 160 New NYC Speed Cams; Assembly Unresponsive (CapNY)
  • Lisa Julian, 47, Killed by SUV Driver in East Village This Morning (Post)
  • Woman, 73, Seriously Injured by Forklift Driver Driving Wrong Way in Borough Park (Post, WCBS)
  • Levine and Brewer Push Bill to Require More Blind-Accessible Pedestrian Signals (News)
  • 51 Cabbies Lost Licenses for Cocaine or Marijuana in 2013, Much Higher Than Years Before (Post)
  • 5 Injured in East New York as Driver of Unmarked NYPD Car Crashes Into Church Van (News 12, WABC)
  • DSNY Worker Arrested for DWI After Crashing Salt Spreader Into Parked Car in Queens (DNA, WSJ)
  • Construction on Plaza Along Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill Delayed Until Summer (DNA)
  • Tri-State Slams SI Highway Expansion: “It’s Impossible to Build Your Way Out of Congestion” (MTR)
  • Senate Passes Bill Allowing Villages to Set Their Own Speed Limits — What About NYC? (Saratogian)

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  • Ellen M

    I passed by the St. Marks crash scene this morning around 8:30, and the street was still blocked off. Maybe they’re really investigating?

  • Ellen M

    Also, that entire area around Cooper Union is a nightmare for pedestrians.

  • guest

    Ugh, the EV death… So tragic. I hate that area, and I have to walk through it twice a day. I actually submitted this very intersection (3rd Ave and St Marks) to the Transportation Alternatives initiative you posted about a couple of weeks ago; there is A LOT of speeding and red light running in that spot (and even worse down on 3rd Ave and E 7th St). Pedestrian behavior is often also bad and rushed in that spot; a dangerous area all around.

  • red_greenlight1

    I keep asking this but why don’t we leave New York State? It seems to me we send our tax money and transit funding upstate and they refuse to give us anything back. I just don’t see this as a fair relationship.

  • Republican Congress not interested in adding another Democratic leaning state.

  • Jesse

    The upside to all of these depressing stories about Citibike: Maybe Dorothy Rabinowitz will make another video!

  • hu

    Nys isn’t all that blue without nyc

  • red_greenlight1

    Thanks for brining this up! There is also a very large culture and political divide between the city and state. Yes it would be a fight but I think it would be doable.

  • It’s only been an issue since my great-great-grandfather’s time, so go for it!

  • Ian Turner
  • baddrivers

    Re: wrong-way driving. I saw a Daily News truck turn the wrong way onto 43rd Avenue in Sunnyside (a one-way street) this morning and then hang a left at the next street rather than go the long way around. A pedestrian in the crosswalk not looking for traffic coming from the wrong direction would have been hit.

  • Simon

    I’m all for blind-accessible crossings, but could we make them less obnoxious?

  • Matthias

    “Current law requires most towns to petition the New York State Department of Transportation to set local speed limits. Villages, cities and about 80 towns with populations of 50,000 or more are exempt from the requirement.”

    So NYC is exempt? What’s the holdup then?

  • Bolwerk

    Cuomo runs a pretty tight ship, so I don’t know that Prendergast is “content.” It might be something deeper than that: a fear that his thin-skinned authoritarian boss will retaliate if he isn’t compliant perhaps?

    I have mixed feelings about Prendergast, but he at least always seemed like a transit advocate to me.

  • jacqueline

    Success? ROTFL
    Success when the rats are abandoning the ship?

    “Solvable”? Solve this:
    – .01% of NYers use it.
    – Losing 10s of $1,000,000s annually
    – de Blasio won’t bail out any scheme with a predatory bank’s name and logo affixed to it.

    “There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at all”
    – Bob Dylan

  • Bolwerk

    What are you talking about?

  • qrt145

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own arithmetic. The number of annual members alone is well over 1% of the population of NYC. Far from 0.01%.

    Plus, “Losing 10s of $1,000,000s annually” is a gross exaggeration, to put it politely.

  • R

    A troll, I suppose. “jacqueline” seems unaware that the number or percentage of New Yorkers who use the service is wholly unrelated to whether or not the system is managed successfully.

    And what rats are abandoning the ship? Citi Bike just signed up its 100,000th member.

    Amazing what a hatred of bicycles will do to one’s ability to process logic.

  • lop

    NYC can’t lower speed limits below 25 mph without traffic calming measures under a provision of state law that applies to any city in new york state with more than one million people, the legislature’s way of telling new york city what it can or cannot do.


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