Chicken Soup for the Bikelash

Do you know the warning signs of bikelash?

Helmet law hysteria. A sudden and intense interest in cycling by previously disengaged politicians and media figures. Bike lane protestors whose signs look the same. If your city is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, see the Streetsblog USA write-up on “Moving Beyond Bikelash,” a National Bike Summit panel featuring Dr. Aaron Naparstek and Dr. Doug Gordon.

Bikelash responds well to treatment when detected early. But if you have a bikelash emergency, consult the slideshow immediately.

  • Harald

    Looks pretty awesome. Can there please be more video coverage of future bike summits for those of us who can’t attend?

  • da

    Another bikelash symptom: comments that begin, “I’m a huge fan of bikes, BUT…”



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Six months ago, Dr. Doug Gordon and Dr. Aaron Naparstek charmed audiences at the 2014 National Bike Summit with a great routine called “Moving Beyond the Bikelash,” sharing what they’ve learned from the pushback to New York City’s bike network expansion. So last week, while at the Pro-Walk Pro-Bike Pro-Place conference, I thought it would be interesting to ask advocates from […]

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