Today’s Headlines

  • Ravitch Blasts Cuomo’s Verrazano Toll Cut, But MTA Board Approves It (News, NYT, WSJ, WNYC)
  • BK CB 12 Members Raise Concerns About Ocean Parkway as State DOT Plans Safety Fixes (Bklyn Daily)
  • TZB Transit Report Tomorrow Has “No Surprises and No Guarantees” (LoHud, Times Herald-Record)
  • Illegal Parkers Whine About Tickets Next to “Empty” UWS Bike Lane (Post)
  • Another Gem from Simone Weichselbaum About Bike-Share’s Slow Uptown Expansion (News)
  • WNYC Covers City Council’s Push for 20 MPH Citywide Speed Limit
  • Construction Lobby Uses Potholes, Vision Zero as Hook for Investment (News, Crain’s, WABC)
  • Antonio Reynoso Talks Bushwick Rezoning With the Observer
  • News Editorial Blasts $4 Billion WTC PATH Station as “Lavish, Extravagant, Foolish”
  • Bratton Meets With Port Authority Over WTC Street-Level Security (DNA)
  • Cops in Bike Lanes in the Brooklyn Paper

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  • anon

    But board member Allan Cappelli said Staten Islanders deserve an extra discount on the toll because they’re under-served by transit and must drive to get around.

    Taking money away from transit because Staten Island is under-served by transit is a wikipedia-worthy example of circular logic.

  • Bolwerk

    Cuomo has a 60% approval rating, but needs this to win the election.

  • Bolwerk

    The Reynoso interview is so unspecific that it’s hard to say what he’s thinking. Is he reacting to a backlash, or were the original comments about downzoning misreported?

    No surprises, no guarantees, and no purpose other than ass-covering. The TZB mass transit task force has absolutely no power to effect proper mass transit. All they’re empowered to do is spin how great a North Jersey-style commuter bus system will be – but for some reason, when they do it, it becomes “BRT.”

  • Michael Klatsky

    I think the west shore (river line) is the only hope at this point, with a tie-in to the north river tunnels at tonelle and route 3.

  • qrt145

    Unrelated to the news, but a couple of days ago I saw a ticketing blitz in Central Park against motorists driving on the bike lane!

  • Jesse

    The NY Post article really takes me back to 2011. Let’s count the examples of double standard:

    -“along an Upper West Side bike lane that is rarely used” (not unlike the majority of car lanes on Columbus and Amsterdam during most of the day)

    -“The controversial bike path…” (that the community board approved after an overwhelming display of support from the community itself)

    -” claimed a lane of traffic ” (from its God-given rightful owners, people driving or parking cars)

    -“even though it is parallel to more preferable cycling routes on Riverside Drive or in Central Park.” (Only people on bikes should ever suffer inconvenience. Imagine saying “Sorry drivers, this street doesn’t have a car lane. Try going two blocks over.”)

    -“Trucks are forced to double-park in the middle of the avenue to make deliveries” (leaving only two lanes open for moving cars!)

    -“‘I don’t know what they expect us to do'” (use a loading zone and a dolly?)

    – “Estevez said he’s better off double parking because his New Jersey company, D’Artagnan, will fight the ticket.” (it’s really just a cost of doing business, but… you know… it should be free)

    -“Figures were not immediately available for the number of tickets issued…” (but we know it’s excessive, the same way we know that the number cyclists who use the lane is neglible: our crystal ball told us)

    – “Drivers also risk getting towed from hydrants, whether or not the vehicle has a backlog of tickets” (when all you did was selfishly endanger the lives of hundreds of people ONE TIME)

    -“Estevez said he was double-parked for 10 minutes to drop off the poultry on Wednesday. He averages about four tickets a week for the privilege. ‘I try not to double park, and I’ll walk an extra block if there’s parking,’ he said. Often, there’s none, just an empty lane for cyclists who are nowhere in sight.” (sorry NY Post, the rules are the rules and they have to be respected because… uh… they’re the rules. You wouldn’t want cyclists running red lights in clear intersections just because there was no traffic or pedestrians in sight)

    -“Bike lanes get in the way everywhere. If there’s a bike lane then there’s no where to park.” (Parking lanes get in the way everywhere. If there’s a parking lane, there’s no where to bike).

  • R

    The Simone W. piece is priceless. We’ll really have turned a corner when people are out protesting in the streets for more bike share stations. Thanks, Simone!

  • Kevin Love

    I love the transition from whining about Citi-Bike “begriming” our neighborhoods to whining about how “unfair” it is that it is only in “a few neighborhoods.”

  • qrt145

    Yeah, but now it’s framed as a story about hipster transplants wanting to bring their silly bikeshare to Harlem, when they could just rent one in Central Park and loop around.

  • vnm

    Me too. I was riding northbound on the loop drive and I saw a cop parked up ahead at a red light. I assumed it was another bike ticketing blitz. Then when I got up to that intersection and the light turned green, a driver passes me on the right and then swerves right in front of me to take up the whole bike lane, right in front of the cop. I was amazed by what happened next. The cop pulled over the driver!

  • R
  • Larry Littlefield

    That’s the most important link in New York’s rail freight network.

  • ddartley

    About the whining illegal parkers:
    This city acts like the ability for truck crews to not have to walk any distance at all while loading and unloading is like, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or something.

  • Michael Klatsky

    My analysis has shown that the line contains 4 tracks from Croxton Yard to Ridgefield Park, where the NYS&W turns off. The line then has 3 of 4 tracks active from there until the Teaneck-Bergenfield border, where it is single tracked for the next 20 miles (with room for 4 tracks until Dumont and the ROW for 4 for many miles further).

    Any proposal for activation of subway or commuter rail service will have to mean NY & NJ greatly improving the tracks for CSX operations, with the state footing the bill for PTC, noise barriers, grade-crossing elimination and quad-tracking the River Line to the Palisades Mall area, with 2 exclusive freight track, 2 exclusive passenger tracks. The ridership analysis in 2003 was 55,000 riders per day for commuter rail and over 100,000 per day if the 7 were extended up there.

  • Bolwerk

    That line runs along the Palisades where there is neither pedestrian traffic, room for parking, or…people. It might make some sense for a long distance passenger service of some sort (I’m not sure where though), but it’s positively useless for commuter rail.

  • Michael Klatsky

    Bolwerk, I read your ideas on 2ndavsagas all the time – and we are not thinking the same route.

    The West Shore runs throught he heart of the traditional downtown of Ridgefield Park, Bogota, Teaneck (2x), Bergenfield, Dumont, Haworth, Harrington Park, Tappan, and Orangeburg. North of Harrington Park, it becomes rural, but all of the areas south of there have old station plazas surrounded with stores, apartments and are filled with pedestrians.

    The route is currently being served by NJ Transit along Main Street/ Teaneck Road/ Washington Street/ Schraalenburgh Rd – the 155,157,166,168,167 and 177 bus routes to NY – all heavily used.

    Most riders currently walk to the bus stops, and there is no reason they wouldn’t walk to the former train station, either.

  • Bolwerk

    Ah, thought you were talking about the CSX line near the TZB (may be the same line, but furhter north).


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