Today’s Headlines

  • The #Sneckdown Craze Goes Global: Clarence Eckerson Talks With the BBC
  • Council Leadership Unveiled Today: Greenfield at Land Use, Rodriguez at Transpo (CapNYObserver)
  • Sam Schwartz Has Recommendations for de Blasio, From Speed Cams to Crash Investigations (News)
  • Cabbie Drives on Hell’s Kitchen Sidewalk to Bypass Snowstorm Traffic (Gothamist via WNBC)
  • Brooklyn CB 1 Gives Thumbs-Up to Traffic Calming Plan on Deadly Stretch of Kent Avenue (News)
  • Vance Weighs Homicide Charges Against Allegedly Drunk, High Driver After Victim Dies (News)
  • Lionel Lebron on the History of “Jaywalking” and the Problems With NYPD’s Enforcement (WPIX)
  • MTA Receives First $802 Million of Expected $3.9 Billion from FTA for Sandy Repairs (Post)
  • Gelinas: “MTA Cannot Borrow More Unless It Finds New Income to Pay the New Debt” (C&S)
  • Observer Wants the New Tappan Zee Bridge to Be Called the “Cuomo Bridge,” After Mario Cuomo
  • Surprise! Some Lawmakers Who Carpool to Albany Have Progressive Transpo Platforms (WSJ)
  • High Roller Going to the Super Bowl? You’ll Probably Take the Bus or Train Like Everyone Else (NYT)

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  • KillMoto

    Cabbie: “If you don’t like my driving, get off the sidewalk.”

  • JDC

    Thank you for putting “jaywalking” in quotes.

  • 56% of NYC households do not own a car. Households, not people. That means likely 70 to 75% of NYers don’t own one. And during a snowstorm the smart ones choose not to drive. So the percentage of NYC residents in a car trapped during rush hour in the snow is low.

    And yet all the news coverage is blah, blah, blah, blah drivers. You know why that is? Because almost all the news anchors/reporters live in the suburbs and drive to work.

  • Reader

    Meanwhile, elderly people and the handicapped are more or less trapped inside their homes due to sidewalks and crosswalks that won’t be cleared until the snow melts. The NY Times is NOT ON IT.

  • Bolwerk

    No offense to Cuomo Sr., but I just find the idea of naming monuments after still-living people kind of tasteless. Wait a generation or two.

  • Joe R.

    I was watching network news yesterday and noticing how focused the coverage was on roads and drivers. One of the reporters complained that it took her nearly two hours to get to work. This moron chose to take a taxi-to go a lousy 25 blocks no less, despite knowing the gridlock situation in Manhattan. The fare was $55! Here’s a hint lady-next time walk. 25 blocks isn’t that bad to walk, even in weather like yesterday’s. I can’t imagine it taking much over half a hour to walk that distance regardless of the weather conditions.

  • I’m freezing out here!

    And there was zero media coverage of those suburbanites who take the buses. Westchester’s Bee Line buses were really slow yesterday. Bus shelters provide no shelter from the cold and don’t exist in many places. Unlike the city, many bus stops are pushed away from businesses, so you can’t even wait inside a store for the bus.

    And the lack of real-time bus information means riders have no idea when or if the bus will ever come.

  • qrt145

    I find naming monuments after politicians in general tasteless. They already get enough power and recognition when they are in office; I see no need for some crazy cult of personality after they retire or die.

    (OK, if you want to name something after George Washington, fine. But not a recent governor or major!)

  • JamesR

    The Bee Line is a second class bus system if there ever was one. It’s underresourced and generally considered a system of last resort in car-centric Westchester. My understanding is that unlike the MTA, they do not use tire chains on their buses, which means that they end up crawling down the road during any decent snowfall.

  • Jeff

    Well, considering jaywalking referred to aimless country folk who wandered aimlessly back when streets were for people, it’s damn near impossible to pull off these days. Strategically crossing the street, regardless of signals or crosswalks, is not in any way “jaywalking” in the traditional sense of the term.

  • ocschwar

    Well, also because they all drive to sites where stories are happening.

  • J_12

    Roads get cleared by municpal snow plows, at taxpayer expense. Sidewalks are left up to private property owners. And all it takes is one vacant building, or owner who doesn’t care, to render an entire block difficult to walk on because of ice and snow.
    Just one more way that the prejudices in favor of drivers and against everyone else are institutionalized.


Today’s Headlines

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