Today’s Headlines

  • Xiaoci Hu, 75, Killed After Driver Rear-Ends Vehicle Stopped for Him in Sunset Park (WCBS)
  • Unidentified Man, 53, Killed by Driver While Crossing Southern Boulevard in Belmont (News)
  • Private Sanitation Truck Driver Crashes on Midtown Sidewalk Into Scaffolding; No Injuries (WABC)
  • Broken Windows: SI Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest for Suspended License, Drugs, Illegal Gun (Advance)
  • Driver Arrested for Suspended License After Flushing Crash on NYE That Killed Another Driver (TL)
  • De Blasio Defends Keeping Kimball on at EDC (Observer); What Will It Mean for Parking Policy?
  • MTA Applies for $1 Billion FRA Loan to Fast-Track Positive Train Control Installation (WSJ)
  • WNYC Covers Bratton and de Blasio’s Words on NYPD’s “Intensive Focus” on Traffic Violence
  • Brooklyn Paper Covers Trottenberg’s Impromptu Meeting With Victims’ Families at Inauguration
  • Taxi Medallion Owners File Two End-of-Year Lawsuits Against Boro Taxis, Healthcare Fund (CapNY)
  • Now That He’s Mayor, de Blasio Says He Really Misses Driving Himself to Work (NYT)
  • City Limits: Bike Lane Expansion One of Bloomberg’s Best Ideas, Yankee Stadium Among Worst
  • Must Listen: On WNYC Segment About Community Boards, Bettie Kollock-Wallace Talks Bike Lanes

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  • JK

    The MTA will spend a billion for positive train control? Wow. What does the riding public get ? Consider the opportunity cost of a billion that does not increase service or help maintain the system. How much BRT does a billion buy? How much increased subway service? If it’s about safety, how much safety does that billion buy? The Metro North crash was shocking, but over the last fifty years there have been very few dangerous commuter rail crashes. How many lives is it claimed this billion will save over the lifetime of the control system? And, though this money is not fungible, if safety is the justification, think about how much this NYS agency is willing to spend compared to what is spent per pedestrian or cyclist hurt.

  • Daniel S Dunnam

    That Brian Lehrer segment with Bettie Kollock-Wallace was so awesome!

  • Bolwerk

    Though I agree the stated reason is flimsy – though flimsy reasoning != bad politics – I don’t see a bad thing here. MNRR needs to modernize its signal system anyway, even without the federal PTC mandate. May as well take a low-interest loan and do it quickly.

    As for what riders get, this at least opens the possibility for the riding public to get a faster ride and room for more service in the future.

  • Joe R.

    It may also open the possibility of curve reprofiling in cases where there’s room along the right-of-way. That’s actually a preferable solution here. Driving a train on routes where the speed limit changes constantly is tedious at best, dangerous at worst lest the driver forget a particular speed restriction. It’s better to ease the curves when possible so that they can be taken at line speed. That would also speed up schedules quite a bit. The MTA rolling stock are slugs acceleration-wise compared to stuff overseas. That creates quite a time penalty getting back up to speed after slowing for a curve

  • Bolwerk

    But it sounds like they were trying to avoid that. 🙁

  • BBnet3000

    It could pay off with one person train operation (though at that ridiculous price it will take awhile).

  • Bolwerk

    I don’t think the new regulations reduce crew requirements. Of course, those are probably already higher than necessary.


Today’s Headlines

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