A New Era: The Sanitation Department Has Plowed the PPW Bike Lane

Photo: @NYCycleClub

We have some late-breaking news courtesy of the New York Cycle Club’s Twitter feed. The Prospect Park West bike lane has been plowed.

Three years ago, this bike lane was impassable for days, maybe even weeks, after monster snowfall at the end of 2010. Now it’s 2014 and the lane was cleared the same day the storm stopped. Also, Marty Markowitz is no longer Brooklyn borough president. Coincidence?

  • josephine_b

    Borough president is the equivalent to British royalty. There’s no real power behind it.

  • Iris Hainline Carswell

    Ah, to be a fly on the wall in 9 PPW right now. Although NBBL would probably hire Jim Walden to sue the fly.

  • petercow

    Yes, but just like with “The King’s Speech”, you can set a tone – and Marty Markowitz’s was “schmuck”.

  • Not unless you count the power to park anywhere (usually on the crumbling flagstones around borough hall) accompanied by a police escort. The power to consume public funds levied by the threat of state violence. The power to theatrically ride a tricycle onto a stage to deliver a state of the borough address, dominating local transportation news with anti-livable-streets quips for weeks.

    Other government executives more formal (legitimate?) powers, but all the way up to US president the power to make news, to be in many respects above the law, to spend some amount of public funds as you please — those are cherished, and “real”, powers.

  • Emmily_Litella

    May the ex Brooklyn BPs name and memory be obliterated.

  • SG

    Norman Steisel is on De Blasio’s transition committee, so let’s not get complacent just yet.

  • anon

    This norman steisel?

    ‘His claim to fame was, while serving as sanitation commissioner,
    persuading the sanitation workers union to agree to have two workers,
    instead of three, on department trucks.’

    Lot of places have that down to one with better trucks now.

  • StepUpAndSaySomething

    Never forget or we may have another. We still talk about Boss Tweed and Robert Moses to make sure our children don’t fall into the same traps our ancestors did. Let Marty be a story we tell to remind ourselves why we should not elect the town fool to office.

  • sammy davis jr jr

    Yes! That’s him. Was much easier to pick up cheap prostitutes in your car before these damn bike lanes got in the way.


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