Pledge to Streetsblog and This Awesome Elly Blue Collection Could Be Yours

Have you given to Streetsblog’s spring pledge drive yet? If not, may I suggest that this is the week to do so. In addition to supporting livable streets journalism and putting yourself in the running to win a Dahon folding bike, you could take home a sweet collection of books and zines courtesy of eminent bike-ologist Elly Blue.

If you make a habit of reading Streetsblog and you value the work we do to make the case for transforming our streets, please make a tax-deductible donation so we can keep on doing it.

We’ll send one donor who gives by midnight Friday this Elly Blue library, including Bikenomics, Taking the Lane, and the brand new Bikes in Space: A Feminist Science Fiction Anthology (sample story: “in Elizabeth Buchanan’s classic pulp tale of postapocalyptic Appalachia, a gripping bicycle-truck chase gives a young woman a surprising new hope”).

In summary: Channel your frustrations with the New York Post’s bike-share coverage by making a generous donation to Streetsblog. Thanks for supporting our tabloid fact-checking operation!

  • Ben Kintisch

    These look groovy and all, but are we supposed to know what these are? Maybe you could give us a page or two of samples so we know what this is about.

    BTW, you’re up against the even nerd-tastic-ier hand crank emergency public radio radio that WNYC is offering at the end of its pledge drive.

    I guess a bike with its pedals is kind of like that, and you’ve offered up bike raffles in the past, yes? (though the bikes don’t come with radios…that’s more a Times Up! kind of thing).


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Thank you to everyone who gave to Streetsblog and Streetfilms in the first week of our spring pledge drive. We need about 320 more donations to hit our target of 400 before June 1. Help us keep the momentum going and make a tax-deductible gift to support media that makes a difference for our streets. […]