Keys to the Citi Bike: Bike-Share Fobs Start to Arrive in Members’ Mailboxes

With a week to go until Citi Bike launches, we’re hearing from readers who received their annual member keys in the mail over the weekend. Here’s a look at the packet that reader “dporpentine” opened on Saturday.

If you haven’t received your member key yet, I wouldn’t worry. Citi Bike has to send out about 13,000 or so member keys in time for the May 27 launch, and they’re not all going to arrive simultaneously. (I’m waiting for mine, too.)

  • Daily News Opinion Writer

    We’re told that bike sharing is good for the environment will take carbon out of the air. (Never mind that Janette Sadist-Con colored these “green” bikes blue.)

    Well, if that’s true, why do the membership packets come with so much paper, why are the keys made of toxic plastic, and why are they using pollution-spewing diesel US. Postal service trucks to delivery them to individual members’ homes? Can’t these “pedal-philes” peddle themselves and their Lance Armstrong dope-mobiles to the Park Slope Food Coop to pick up their keys along with some organic arugula and artisinal cheese?

    No. That would be too sensible. Don’t fall for this “bike scare.”

  • Addy Free

    Is this comment satire?

  • dude seriously

    Maybe you should quit your job at the Daily news and see if The Onion is hiring

  • dude seriously

    I think its an appetizer of whole wheat pun covered in artisanal bullshit

  • Jared R

    Why is satire so hot right now?

  • Dhruv

    GO citi bike!

  • Good satire amazingly difficult, but every couple of years everyone thinks they can pull it off.

  • Anon

    All the haters can just sit in traffic. That’s fine with me. Keeps them contained at least.

  • dm10003

    Wait to activate your Citi Bike key until bikes are installed in stations next week. That way your membership lasts a full year.

  • dm10003

    You’re trying way too hard with this.

    There are so many misfires here, from the meaning of the color green, to Lance Armstrong (?!), to what’s toxic and pollutant and what’s not.

    This isn’t satire because satire has to have consistency of logic, this is just wank!ng.

    I took this photo in Kensington Garden, London last week.

  • Jared R

    I got mine this morning!

  • Joe Enoch

    I still have not received mine!


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