Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Release First Round of Sandy Transpo Funds; $193 Million to MTA (WSJNewsPost)
  • In Case You Forgot, East Side Access Is Way Over Budget (Crain’sCapNYNewsSecond Ave Sagas)
  • Julio Acevedo in Custody for Glauber Hit-And-Run (DNA, Gothamist, NY1WNYC, Post 1, 2, News 1, 2)
  • Key W’burg Rabbi Questions Ray Kelly on Catch-And-Release for Drunk Drivers (DNA)
  • In Other News: Sports Star Busted for DUI – $190,000 Fine, License Suspended for 3 Years (Repubblica)
  • 2012 Traffic Ticket Breakdown: NYPD Still Enforces Tinted Windows More Than Speeding (News)
  • Quinn and Vacca to DOT: Keep Parking Cheap for “Hard-Working Commuters” Like Jimmy Vacca (Post)
  • As Predicted: Peter Vallone Jr. Says Five-Minute Muni-Meter “Grace Period” Not Enough (News)
  • Candidates Say DOT Doesn’t Work With Neighborhoods? CB Leaders Beg to Differ (Epoch Times)
  • Vincent Ignizio Got SBS Lights Removed; Mark-Viverito and Garodnick Want Them Back (Post)
  • Straphangers Campaign Subway Platform Report: Vandalism Up, Overall Conditions Improve (News)
  • WNYC Maps Commute Times; Southern Queens, Brooklyn Residents Have Longest Trips

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  • Larry Littlefield

    That map, like most, has commute times by place of residence.  What is more relevant is commute times by place of work.

    Which are high in Manhattan, because it has the highest average annual pay per worker of any county in the country, by far. People will travel farther, or pay more in housing costs to be near, that source of income.  Fortunately, many of the long commutes are via mass transit rather than by car, and thus less taxing.

  • The Epoch Times article is pretty good.  But I’m still not sure what to make of that newspaper, due to other stories like

  • kevd

    @disqus_wlgcE8xXNg:disqus- I think both maps are useful for showing different things, no?This map is useful in showing the disproportionately long average commutes endured by many outer borough residents.And while the title implies they are all co
    any also work closer to home.

  • Mike

    Epoch Times is a propaganda organ of Falun Gong, not a real newspaper. Not sure why Falun Gong cares about bike lanes in NYC, though…

  • Anonymous

    Even though flashing blue lights on SBS truly do violate law, the Ignizio thing pissed me off.  It’s why I started this page: (you don’t need a facebook account to use it).

    Like my other activism, I’ve recently had virtually no time to put any work into it, but that’s gonna change soon (starting a different job soon thank GOD).  Please check out the page.

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Today’s Headlines

Vacca Bills Would Require Taxi “Black Boxes” and Photos of Parking Violations (News 1, 2) More on Yesterday’s “Arterial Slow Zones” Announcement: MTR, CapNY, Observer, Epoch, Post Atlantic Ave. Driver Passes School Bus, Hits Crossing Guard, Misses Child; No Charges (BK Eagle) Right of Way Protests Outside Shelly Silver’s Home, Calls for 2,500 Traffic Cams (News, Epoch) […]

Today’s Headlines

NYPD Doesn’t Inform Public of a Quarter of NYC Traffic Deaths (WNYC) Subway Delays Up Over Last Year; One in Four Trains Runs Late (News) 7 Train Extension Delayed Again, This Time to as Late as June 2015 (Post, WPIX) Extell Buys Parking Garage as Part of Times Square Tower Site on 45th Street (News) […]

Today’s Headlines

De Blasio’s OneNYC Has No Solution to the MTA’s Current Funding Gap (Capital, Crain’s, NY1) Mayor Declines to Use Equity, Environment Plan as Springboard for Toll Reform (Observer, News 1, 2) Who Will Pay for Utica Avenue Subway Extension? (NYT, DNA, Gothamist, 2nd Ave Sagas) Driver Backs Onto UES Sidewalk, Smashes Cars, Bank; No Injuries (Post, DNA, WNBC, […]

Today’s Headlines

NYPD Says Motorist Who Killed Drudak Tenzin Was Speeding, Distracted; No Charges Filed (PIX, Post) Storm-Damaged Subways Will Take Two Years to Repair (TransNat) Prendergast Credits Young NYers for Highest Train Ridership in 62 Years (Post) Resolutions to Lower Verrazano Tolls Clear Senate and Assembly (Advance) Levin and TA: After Crash That Killed Family, Kent Avenue […]

Today’s Headlines

Bus Driver Strikes and Kills Man, 67, in Port Authority Bus Terminal Garage (NYT, Post, WCBS) Arthur Sporn, 87, Dies of Injuries After Turning Driver Struck Him on UES in January (Gothamist) State Senator Joe Addabbo Jr. Really Annoyed About Woodhaven Select Bus Service (Q Chron) Jimmy Vacca Tells City & State Why He’s an Early, Enthusiastic Backer […]

Today’s Headlines

Cuomo and Bloomberg Make Federal Aid Push (Post, News, AP) Cuomo: $5B Would Get the MTA Back to Pre-Sandy Working Order (TransNat, SAS) R Train Riders Packing 4 and 5 Trains (Post); South Ferry Won’t Reopen for Months (TransNat) City to Provide Free Towing for Storm-Damaged Vehicles Left on Streets (Advance) Gelinas: Mission Creep Debt Will Cripple […]