Eyes on the Street: How About a Slow Zone for Prince Street?

Photo: Doug Gordon

Brooklyn Spoke’s Doug Gordon tweeted this photo Wednesday morning. This crash happened at the intersection of Prince and Crosby in Soho, which gets a ton of foot traffic and sees some of the highest bike counts in the city. It’s only random chance that someone didn’t get hit.

One change that would help regulate drivers’ speeds on Prince Street would be to re-time traffic signals to synch up with a more bike- and pedestrian-friendly 10-15 mph. In December, Manhattan Community Board 2 passed a resolution asking DOT to study “Green Wave” signal timing on Prince.

  • kevd

    Perhaps all vehicles should have to slow to 10mph when entering areas where people could be crowding on the platforms… I mean sidewalks.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh, the crowded streets of SoHo.  Only a matter of time until it’s entirely a pedestrian area save a few lanes dedicated solely to deliveries and mass transit. 

    Only a matter of time . . . 

  • Bronxite

    Why isn’t SoHo pedestrianized already? Especially Broadway?

  • Asdf

    @8fef61d6cc9da55fe327bd2fd8269292:disqus Two words: Sean Sweeney.

  • Eric McClure

    @kevdflb:disqus +1,000,000.

  • Multi-modal

    Spring and Prince streets should be redesigned to eliminate the sidewalks/roadway distinction entirely. Force bikes, peds and cars all to mix.

  • That’s right outside my office.  I honestly don’t know how a cab could even get going that fast given how cramped it is

  • I’ll add that there were two vehicles involved.  The other was a grey sedan which crashed onto the sidewalk to the left of this cab. It was being moved when I took the picture. It’s a miracle that a pedestrian on the sidewalk or a cyclist on the street didn’t get killed.


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