Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Serves Up the Windshield Perspective on Downtown Brooklyn Parking Reform
  • Four Hurt, Two Critically, After Driver Careens Onto Washington Heights Sidewalk (WNBC)
  • NYPD Searching For Wrong-Way Cyclist in Connection to Fatal Union Square Crash (Gothamist)
  • 78th Precinct: “We Pretty Much Own the Street… We Will Park There. It’s That Simple.” (Bklyn Paper)
  • Flooding at Train Yards Should Not Have Been a Surprise to NJ Transit (TransNat)
  • David Greenfield: There Should Be No Parking Tickets on Black Friday (News)
  • Astoria Community Board Worried About Traffic From Cornell Roosevelt Island Campus (DNA)
  • Limited PATH Service Returns to WTC (News); Manhattan Ferry Begins From Great Kills (Advance)
  • Rockaways Missing Link Between Subway and LIRR Would Have Helped Recovery (Cap’n Transit)
  • Gothamist Discovers 1970s Documentary About the Newly-Formed MTA
  • IBO Slams Bloomberg Administration for Storm-Vulnerable Waterfront Development (Observer)

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  • Guest

    I don’t disagree with the need for the NYPD to park wherever necessary in an emergency.

    However, no Democracy can tolerate a “We own the street” attitude among its law enforcement officers.  We, the People, own the street. 

    The police maintain order on our streets by enforcing the law.  There can be no latitude for an authoritarian regime that disobeys the law with a sense of personal entitlement.

  • James

    Here’s a solution — give the NYPD a designated ‘police parking spot’ across the street.

  • krstrois

    David Greenfield’s constituency is parking. 

  • Kvetch Greenfield

    David Greenfield: we should suspend all laws on Black Friday. If you murder someone for a Nintendo Wii, no biggie. It’s good for the economy!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Riding the wrong way and expecting those riding the right way to get out of your way is bad.

  • vnm

    Does David Greenfield not want shoppers to be able to park near stores on Black Friday?

  • Joe R.

    Amazing the amount of effort the police are going through trying to identify the wrong-way cyclist. Had he been a hit-and-run driver instead, the case would have already been closed with the usual “no criminality suspected”.

  • Bolwerk

    Anti-bike authoritarian thug Rob Ford, the closest thing I’m aware of to a Chris Christie figure in Kanada, was removed as Toronto’s mayor.

  • bill b

    The Cornell Roosevelt Island campus is being built in a flood zone . I hope they buy a lot of
    flood insurance .

  • m to the i

    Hey Joe R., Funny you mention that. I was involved in a hit and run this morning. The driver right hooked me, I flew into the side of his pick-up truck and fell down, and he kept on going. I chased after him but couldn’t get the plate. The police who responded seemed less than interested in trying to locate the vehicle. Honestly, it is up to the victim to do the detective work and that sucks.

  • Bike lane-hating ROBERT FORD (Toronto) is ousted! 

  • Bronxite

    @Bill B, I’m pretty sure a high tech campus would invest in enough engineering to overcome the challenge of construction in a flood zone.

    Also, eliminate parking mins in Downtown BK, and/or reduce throughout the rest of the boroughs!


Today’s Headlines

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