Today’s Headlines

  • City Council Redistricting: Commission Unveils Maps; Activists Propose “Unity Map” (WNYCNY1)
  • 12 Percent of NJ Transit Buses Leave Port Authority Bus Terminal Late (WSJ)
  • Cab Careens Across Sidewalk, Smashes Scaffolding, Demolishes Deli on UWS (DNA)
  • Black Car Service Uber Launches Possibly-Illegal Smartphone App for Yellow Cabs (NYT, Observer)
  • Pelham Bay Politicians Say City Isn’t Enforcing Higher Fines for Trucks Parked Overnight (DNA)
  • Wrong-Way Drivers on 39th Street in Sunnyside Get More Attention (CBS2, NY1)
  • Man Claims Cops Took Joyride in His Seized Benz; NYPD Denies Wrongdoing (Post)
  • Quinn and Vacca: Taxi of Tomorrow Will Reduce Number of Hybrids in Fleet (Post)
  • Guangzhou, China, Begins License Plate Lottery to Cut Number of New Cars in Half (NYT)
  • California Rethinks Enviro Review Law That Enabled SF Bike Injunction (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Striping bike lanes on a road can’t even be done without an environmental analysis. That’s the level of insanity this has gotten to.”

    Don’t think it can’t happen here.  We have the same kind of greenmailing, consulting and lawyering process lobby they have in California, and it is not long ago that new supermarkets in urban neighborhoods were held up for years by competitor lawsuits and people looking to get paid.

    The NYC CEQR Handbook, which was opposed by the false environmentalists, exempted most projects from environmental review in NYC.  A great reform.  But it should have gone farther.  Somethings are inherently environmentally good overall, and if they have local disadvantages, that small analysis should be limit of the environmental review.

    Where would be now if NYCT didn’t spend years and $millions on the Second Avenue Subway environmental review? There is no environmental review for people driving everywhere.

  • Guest

    “It was driven down the West Side Highway, where the cop blew a red light at 34th Street and got Lewis, 25, slapped with a $50 traffic-camera ticket.” 

    “…the NYPD insisted yesterday that cops did nothing wrong.” 

    Come again?  Did nothing wrong?!  At a bare minimum, the cops should be on the hook for their red light ticket.  The DA should review the evidence and determine if charges for reckless endangerment are in order.

    To be clear, the police can only legally run red lights in emergency situations, and they must have lights and a siren.  There was no emergency in this case, and the vehicle that they had seized from a private individual was not equipped for use in an emergency situation.

    It is particularly troubling when our law enforcement officers engage in recreational lawlessness, and the fact it appears to be condoned by top brass is merely today’s example of why Ray Kelly should be fired.

  • fj

    Hopefully limiting cars in Guanghzou will accelerate worldwide to greatly reduce emissions and catastrophic environmental devastation ultimately to be replaced by much more advanced net zero mobility solutions and net zero mass transit.

  • Reader

    Don’t miss the latest jeremiad from Arthur Browne and the Daily News on the dangers created by bikes on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Also note the picture that accompanies the piece: a lone cyclist on a relatively empty bridge with a pedestrian in the bike lane.

  • Guest

    Apparently the reason the NYPD doesn’t have resources available to investigate traffic fatalities is that their officers are too busy driving expensive vehicles they’ve seized with reckless abandon on the streets of New York.

    They’re too busy breaking traffic laws to enforce them.

  • carma

    One can only wonder why it costs sooo much more money and time to build something in the US.  if it wasnt for the bloodsucking lawyers, we might actually have progress.

    then again, if it werent for silly lawsuits like from NBBL, we also wouldnt get a good laugh.

  • carma

    Re: WSJ article.

    part of the reason why the buses are more late this year is b/c of the construction on the on ramps to the Lincoln tunnel which is supposed to fix the well beaten and well used roads.

    so in order to fix their congestion, they also caused more congestion.  as a rider of NJ Transit, im extremely frustrated and can only hope my late bus will be fixed soon.  at least i get a seat and have time to relax and watch a movie or two, so its not the end of the world that im late.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Bikers have created dangerous conditions.”

    And yet every one of the articles’ example of a near collision is a pedestrian in the bike lane.

    Now just imagine all those extra cyclists when bike share kicks off next year.  They will be in motor vehicle lanes.  I wonder if there will be a demand to remove motor vehicles because of near collisions, honking and yelling?

    “Motor vehicles have created dangerous conditions?”

  • Anonymous

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus Seriously.  What garbage that article is.  They write a headline saying “Bikers have created dangerous conditions on the Brooklyn Bridge” and then follow it with an article in which pedestrians create the dangerous conditions by walking into the bike lane without looking.

  • The whole point of the Daily News anti-bike campaign is to pit pedestrians against cyclists in order to distract from their common enemy: reckless drivers.  It’s a great way to preserve the status quo since you can’t expect people to look at the real problem if they’re busy yelling at each other. 

    Republicans know this strategy very well.  If you get the have-littles worked up about the have-nots, the have-mores will laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Guest

    @Doug_Gordon:disqus , it’s probably more like “have-nearly-everythings” at this point…

    Much like the autos in our public space.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Seriously.  What garbage that article is.”

    Or you can say it is a great article, as it implies an attitude that the larger, faster moving street user should always use precaution to avoid injury to more vulnerable street users.

    The problem is that attitude is selectively applied.  It does not seem to apply to cyclists who have the right of way, let alone those who make a mistake.

  • Anonymous

    UWS Deli Crash: 106th Street just saw a fatality a few months ago, and now this.  Broadway and Amsterdam need the Columbus Avenue treatment or more crashes are going to occur.