If the Daily News Actually Cared About New Yorkers’ Safety…

Today, Arthur Browne’s Daily News penned another anti-bike editorial, this one blaming cyclists for the cramped conditions on the Brooklyn Bridge promenade and decrying a series of near-miss incidents. Meanwhile, the paper has yet to weigh in on the 164 traffic deaths in New York City through July this year. Here’s what might appear on the Daily News opinion page if the paper ever gets serious about making streets safer for New Yorkers. 

Jermaine Elliot and Jessica Dworkin, victims of traffic violence who died from their injuries, have not gotten any attention from the Daily News editorial board. Photos via DNAinfo

Witnessed in recent days on New York City streets:

Scene: Jessica Dworkin, 58, was riding her push-scooter in the crosswalk at Sixth Avenue and Houston Street in Manhattan on a recent Monday morning when a truck driver, operating a vehicle that lacked required safety mirrors and appeared to exceed size regulations, ran her over with his rear wheels. Dworkin was dragged two blocks to her death.

Scene: An unidentified woman was crossing Allen Street at Stanton Street in Manhattan at about 10 p.m. when a garbage truck driver struck and killed her. The driver didn’t even receive a ticket.

Scene: Jermaine Elliot, 26, was crossing Barnes Avenue at East 233rd Street in Wakefield, near his home in the Bronx, when the driver of a truck struck and killed him while turning left. A local resident said that the intersection had long been a dangerous location for people crossing the street. The driver did not stop.

Scene: Luis Ruiz, 81, was crossing Rockaway Parkway at Avenue J in Canarsie at around 9 p.m. when he was hit by the driver of an SUV. He was then struck by a second motorist, who did not stop. Ruiz died at the scene. Two years ago, on the same block, Sarah Parris, 13, was struck and killed by a motorist who was likely speeding but was not charged with a crime.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, whose department has refused to devote adequate resources and attention to traffic enforcement and crash investigations, should take a stroll along the city’s dangerous streets one of these days. We would be glad to accompany him. And we are sure he will come to the same conclusion that we have after documenting deaths and injuries on countless occasions.

Too many people have died.

  • Andrew


  • Anonymous

    It is pretty scandalous how the NYDN rails against cyclists at a time when peds/cyclists get killed on the regular.  

    I think, we hold these guys (editorial boards, newspaper magnates) as important people who take their civic responsibilities seriously.  But, I think, that’s just romanticism.

    These people ride to the top, like they do, in every other industry. By kissing ass, having important friends and connections.  Arthur Browne might as well be one of these trolls we get on this board, or other anti-transit cranks who are woefully misinformed about traffic management and basic fucking statistics.  Like shit, the picture accompanying his editorial has a ped walking the wrong way in the bike lane!

    And instead of coming up with workable solutions (maybe a separated path for cyclists on the BK bridge), he just wants to forment sectarianism . . . as if the majority of metropolitan new yorkers rely on private automobile access to manhattan’s CBD.  

    I’m scared to death of getting killed by some big ass truck.  But instead of noting all the vehicles which break the law and kill with little consequences, this piece of shit wants to flog the non-existent bike menace.  As the great Clint Eastwood paraphrased from Empty Chair Obama, Arthur Browne should go fuck himself.  

  • Melissa Dworkin

    The Terrible senseless death of my sister Jessica Blue Dworkin on August 27th at
    Houston Street and Sixth Avenue is just the latest in the series of
    pedestrian injuries and deaths at that dangerous intersection.

    On Tuesday September 11th ,6:30 pm

    Our lady of Pompii Church
    25 Carmine Street at Bleecker Street
    Father Demo Hall

    go and have your voice heard.  The item is third on the agenda. So you
    don’t need to be there exactly on time, but you do need to be there to
    offer your ideas for improvements. A large turnout will send a message
    to the city that the intersection must be made safe for pedestrians.      


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