Today’s Headlines

  • No Comment From Trucking Company on Death of Jessica Dworkin (DNA)
  • Community Board 1 Members Want Deadly Truck Blockades Off Wall and Broad (DNA)
  • Drunk Motorcyclist Strikes Pedestrian in Astoria; Victim in Critical Condition (Q Gazette)
  • Family Seeks Witnesses to Hit-and-Run That Injured Ditmas Park Cyclist (DP Corner)
  • Barclays Center Patrons Will Be Able to Drink Well Into the Night (News, AYR)
  • TLC Fare-Padding Probe Has Vacca’s Attention (Post)
  • MTA to Remove Trash Cans From Additional Subway Stations (AMNY)
  • Locals: Queens Boulevard Construction a Risk to Briarwood Pedestrians and Motorists (Q Courier)
  • Would-Be Reformers Line Up to Replace Vito Lopez (CapNY)
  • Ben Kabak Considers How Subway Maps Affect Travel Patterns …
  • … and Gothamist Rips Daily News Train Etiquette Tips

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  • Anonymous

    RE: Drunk Motorcyclist.  When motorcycles are referred to as “Bikers”, people start thinking that a bicycle committed these crimes. Only towards the bottom of this article do you see a reference to a “motor vehicle.”  

  • Daphna

    Garbage cans that should stay but will be removed: subway station platforms.

    Garbage cans that will stay but should be removed: all those on the bikeway of the Williamsburg Bridge on the slope of the Brooklyn side.

    Subway riders have garbage that they need to throw out.  Those with newspapers and water bottles could hang on to them and throw them out late, but those with food containers will not want to carry that around with them and will likely litter.  The garbage cans should remain.

    On the Williamsburg Bridge on the bikeway on the slope of the Brooklyn side there are many garbage cans placed rather close together.  Bicyclists are not generating or stopping to throw out garbage.  Pedestrians need the occasional garbage can on their side, but cyclists need even fewer (if any).  The slope of the bridge leading down to Brooklyn has a ridiculous number of garbage cans.  They just take up valuable space and create minor hazards when the bridge is crowded.

  • moocow

    Do you think cops (and City Hall) realize that if they start to enforce traffic laws already on the books, they could give NYC a rep as a town that has no qualms busting all road users for the smallest traffic violations- they wouldn’t have to look at horrific sights such as a beloved woman caught in trailer truck wheels?
    Brooken Windows should apply to the streets too.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I have ever seen a ticket issued for blocking a bike lane, which happens all the time, everywhere, and leads to all sorts of hazardous scenarios.

  • fj

    The world is not led by rational people.

    Al Gore On Media’s Failure To Address Global Warming:  ‘There’s Hardly Any Discussion About It.  It Drives Me Crazy’


  • Anonymous

    In the drunk motorcyclist article, I notice that “Biker Jose Salas, 30, remained at the scene until police arrived and was
    charged with DWI, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, driving
    while ability impaired and violating a traffic device, police said.”  Was he charged with criminal possession of a weapon because he had some other weapon on his person, or was the motorcycle itself categorized as a weapon because of the manner in which it was used?

  • fj

    How big data drives intelligent transportation

    via @RockyMtnInst:disqus 

    . . . using vehicles more productively can provide same or better access to transportation services with 46-84 percent less driving.