Today’s Headlines

  • Lopez Stepping Down as Party Chair, Silver Says He Shouldn’t Have Covered Up Allegations (NYT)
  • Payroll Tax Ruling Threatens MTA Debt Rating (TransNat)
  • FreshDirect May Try Bike Deliveries in Midtown (DNA)
  • Ped Safety Overhaul Coming Soon to Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park (Bklyn Paper)
  • Can Cops and Cyclists Get Along If NYPD Doesn’t Care About Safe Streets? (Atlantic Cities)
  • U.S. DOT Data Dump Doesn’t Really Help Explain NY’s Transpo Problems (CapNY)
  • When All Else Fails for Plaza Opponents, They Can Play the Atlantic Yards Card (Patch)
  • CB 10, Tajiddin Complain About Safety Fixes to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard (DNA)
  • Delivery Cyclist Injured by Unlicensed Driver on Upper West Side (NYT)
  • BMW Crashes Into F Train Support, Destroying Itself and Injuring Two Humans (DNA)
  • Noise From City Ground and Air Traffic Hampers Childhood Health and Learning (Thirteen)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Let me guess, another affluent family got their son the ulitimate driving machine.  The perfect gift for their last birthday.

  • Andrew

    Did you notice that the pictures of ACP in the DNAinfo piece were taken from inside of a car? Talk about windshield perspective.

  • Glenn

    With headlines like “BMW crashes, Destroying itself” and “Play the Atlantic Yards Card” you know that Brad wrote these up! Snarky

  • DNAinfo piece on FreshDirect seems to be lacking any real sources or information.  It would be awesome if they delivered by bike but DNA doesn’t seem to provide any reason why they think this is going to happen.

    “To prep for the program, FreshDirect employees boned up recently on the city’s bicycle rules. Two workers attended an Aug. 14 forum the city’s Transportation Department hosted to explain its upcoming enforcement of commercial cyclist rules in January.”

    That doesn’t really seem like preparing for a major shift to bicycles.  Two employees attending a a public forum does not really sound like preparation to launch a program. 

  • Larry Littlefield

    Now that I live in a food desert without a car, a neighbor asked if I would consider Fresh Direct.  But you have to be home to take deliveries.

    Then I remembered my childhood, when the Delwood man delivered OJ and milk and the Italian fruit and vegetable seller came around twice a week in truck out of the 1930s.  They didn’t get specific orders in advance.  They showed up with an assortment of goods for sale on the spot.

    I wonder if that could work in one truck selling a variety of basic foodstuffs.  Show up for 15 minutes on every block two days (10 am to 3 pm) and two evenings (5 pm and 10 pm) per week, selling a variety of food to people who come out and buy it.  The number of items routinely stocked for sale on the spot could not be large, but it could be supplemented by items ordered in advance for pick-up at the truck.

    I’d bet you’d only need five decent orders per block per shift to make it work, economically and in energy consumption.  You could have two guys per truck working eight hour shifts, stocking the truck, selling, and destocking at the warehouse.

  • Danny G

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus There’s something similar happening with CSA’s: providing fresh produce on a weekly basis with an option to pre-order extras such as meat or bread or dairy, but it’s not door-to-door or even block-to-block. I’d say that the financial feasibility of CSA-by-truck is probably good, since they’re already trucking it to the CSA pick-up spot.

  • Anonymous

    Noise article does not include the growing problem of leaf blowers.  As blowers represents the noisiest element in many communities, it is bizarre that they are not included.  Sadly, the expansion of pavement in the suburbs — huge parking lots in particular — are increasing the use of blowers throughout the year.  Its seems a bit of organic matter from grass clippings or dust is incompatible with driving cars.

  • Joe R.

    @HamTech87:disqus The noise from gas-powered lawn tools in general is a huge problem in my neighborhood. It seems everyone except us has garderners, and they all use horribly noisy and smelly blowers, edgers, lawn mowers, etc. It would be nice if the city could pass an ordinance banning professional garderners from using gas-powered tools, and banning them from using leaf blowers entirely. Before these things existed, you just raked everything up and bagged it. Now they blow it on the adjacent lawn instead, or into the sewer.

    And noise from air traffic is a major problem in much of Queens. In my opinion both LaGuardia and Kennedy should be shut down for that reason alone. If the US had a decent high-speed rail system, the NY Metro area could easily get by with one airport at Newark.

  • Station44025

    I never really thought about it, but that is kind of an ominous tag line isn’t it?

  • Larry Littlefield

    A friend’s joke about his father’s response to a request for a motorcycle.  “I’ll get you one for your last birthday.”