Eyes on the Street: The Weekend Scene at Corona Plaza

Families are already enjoying Corona Plaza. Photo: Clarence Eckerson, Jr.

It hasn’t been open a week yet, and Corona Plaza is already a popular gathering spot. In the next few days, Streetfilms will be posting a video about the new plaza featuring Council Member Julissa Ferreras. In the meantime, enjoy some more photos of the plaza getting lots of use over the weekend courtesy of Clarence. “It was almost like a mini Summer Streets,” he said.

No need to ##http://www.streetsblog.org/2012/08/22/eyes-on-the-street-first-signs-of-the-new-corona-plaza/#comment-626727420##sit on an old tree stump## now that Corona Plaza is open. Photo: Clarence Eckerson, Jr.
  • HamTech87

    This is great, although I kind of liked the old stump.  Wish they could have incorporated it….  But this is great progress.

  • Ben Kintisch

    I love plazas! Hooray!

  • Next, how about moving aside whatever is preventing the restaurants abutting the plaza from leasing portions of it and waiting on tables there?