Eyes on the Street: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Here’s a screenshot from a snippet of video taken by an eagle-eyed reader at Northern Boulevard and 82nd Street in Queens. The construction workers who programmed this display look to be unknowingly putting themselves in danger by allowing motorists an extra five miles per hour. They have company at the top: None other than NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly flubbed a question about the city’s speed limit while testifying before City Council in 1993.

  • Danny G

    Perhaps there’s another 35mph sign somewhere on Northern Blvd, which would be legit as long as it’s marked. Here’s an example of a 40mph sign on Cross Bay Blvd in Queens: http://goo.gl/maps/o9ewG

  • Queensboy

    Speed limit on Northern Should be 30 mph.  If the speed limit on Queens Blvd is 30 mph I can’t see Northern being anything but 30.

  • Danny G

    @749488262e632c2937982b72ed2f646c:disqus Amen, brother.

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed: the posted speed limit on this stretch of Northern Blvd. is 30mph. The electronic sign is wrong. http://bit.ly/U6IeHq

  • Matt

    Had one of those signs on Metropolitan Ave. in Brooklyn. It read 35 mph but its moved on to a new location.


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