NYPD Says It’s Not Investigating Lower East Side Pedestrian Death

Allen Street at Stanton, looking north. Image: Google Maps

An unidentified woman was struck and killed by a truck driver on the Lower East Side earlier this month in a collision that NYPD is reportedly not investigating.

The victim was crossing Allen Street at Stanton Street at around 10 p.m. on August 9 when the light turned and she was struck by the driver of a garbage truck, according to an account published by Bowery Boogie:

A woman was crossing Allen right in front of Epstien’s, right as the walk sign was ending — and a Garbage truck in the left lane bolted RIGHT [i.e. immediately] when the light turn green — it was clear that the woman’s mind shut down right as she was crossing (and the truck was approaching) b/c she sort of stood there for a milisecond wavering as to what to do. She was hit — VERY HARD — by the vehicle, her head banged right up against the grill of the truck and she fell immediately to the ground.

Bowery Boogie posted a photo of a makeshift memorial near the crash site, which read, “Lorii, rest in peace, from 189 Allen.”

NYPD informed Gothamist that the woman died at Bellevue Hospital on August 11. According to Gothamist, an NYPD spokesperson also said that the Accident Investigation Squad did not investigate the crash.

Streetsblog called NYPD today for information, including the victim’s name, and to confirm that there was indeed no AIS investigation. Said a spokesperson: “We’re not going to have anything unless there’s criminality suspected.”

Even considering NYPD’s egregious shortcomings when it comes to crash investigations, it is difficult to believe the department would essentially ignore a traffic fatality, if only for procedure’s sake.

Streetsblog will continue to seek details on this traffic death. We’ll keep you posted.

This fatal crash occurred in the 7th Precinct. To voice your concerns about neighborhood traffic safety directly to Captain Peter J. Venice, the commanding officer, go to the next precinct community council meeting. The 7th Precinct council meetings happen at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month at the station house, 19 1/2 Pitt Street. Call the precinct at 212-477-7301 for information.

The City Council district where this victim was killed is represented by Margaret Chin. To encourage Chin to take action to improve street safety in her district and citywide, contact her at 212-788-7259, chin@council.nyc.gov or @CM_MargaretChin.

  • Anonymous

    So, not only is the NYPD not investigating accidents that result in serious injury, but they’re now avoiding investigating fatal accidents?

    There is, indeed, criminality suspected… on the part of the NYPD.

  • Voter

    If only New York had some sort of advocate for the public who could call for the kind of radical street design that might have prevented this senseless tragedy.  And if new street designs have to be instituted incrementally due to political posturing, this “public advocate” could, at the very least, call on the NYPD to obey state law and investigate such deaths when they occur.

  • Joe R.

    So let me get this straight-it’s not considered important enough for the police if someone gets hit by a truck and dies, but it’s imperative the police give delivery cyclists tickets for going through red lights or riding electric bikes? I guess this is because “accidents happen”. Talk about a warped sense of priorities.

  • Anonymous

    That’s right.  They’re setting up a squad for it.  Maybe they can reassign AIS for this role? 

    Does anyone at the NYPD give a fuck anymore?  Jessica Lappin, Dan Garodnick?  Your constituents are dying and the NYPD doesn’t care.  They say they don’t have funds.  But, look, they have funds for your e-bike delivery guy task force.  SMH

  • Anonymous

    Very hard not to type in all caps. But will restrain myself: According to eyewitness testimony, the driver of a garbage truck pulled started through a light so quickly that he hit and killed a woman who had been crossing in it. This man killed this woman. He apparently killed her despite the fact that he had to have been paying enough attention to the light to have gone through it the moment it changed. And–

    Incredibly, there is no “and.” Just crickets. Not even the mildest “maybe we should work on the design of these vehicles” kind of “driver blameless” crapola. Just dead body, “no criminality,” call it a day, yawn.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh*…  I really, really want to be able to live here in the city long-term, but every time I read an article like this, I’m just terrified that this will happen to my fiancee or, down the line, to the children we hope to have.  It’s a serious dilemma.

  • J

    This is outrageous! It could easily have been anyone. In NYC, it’s kill at will. You can bet the newspapers won’t pick this up.

  • Guest

    This sounds very clearly like it was criminal, as a failure to exercise due care under VTL 1146.  How can the NYPD be so certain the driver exercised due care (with contrary witness accounts!) that there isn’t at least a “suspicion” of criminality?

    The driver may very likely have broken the law… but there is absolutely no doubt that this is criminal behavior by the NYPD!



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