Q Poll: 74 Percent of New Yorkers Think Bike-Share Is a Good Idea

Image: Quinnipiac

The latest round of angry tabloid editorials shows no signs of dampening New Yorkers’ enthusiasm for bike-share. A Quinnipiac poll released today shows support for a network of public bicycles at 74 percent citywide, the highest positives yet for an idea that has consistently scored very well in public opinion.

Bike-share’s popularity holds pretty steady across the city, with 66 percent positives on Staten Island, the least supportive borough. In Manhattan, which will contain most of the initial service area, support is at 81 percent. And while it’s not embraced by older New Yorkers quite as much, 58 percent of people 65 and older still think bike-share is a good idea.

A Q poll in May found 64 percent support for bike-share citywide, and an earlier survey last October pegged it at 72 percent.

Now, if only the Citi Bike suppliers could fix those software glitches overnight…

  • J

    It’s amusing that the only group with significantly lower support of bike share is Republicans, and even they suport in by wide margins. This data shows a wide and growing disconnect between the values and opinions of tabloid editors and those of NYC residents.

  • J

    Also, among 18-34 year-olds, support for bike share is at 84%. While support goes down from there, even 65+ year olds support it 58 – 30. 

  • Benjamin Kabak

    The other 26 percent work for the Daily News Opinions Section.

  • Eric McClure

    And something tells me 18-34 year-olds are, um, immune to the charms of the New York Daily News.

  • Anonymous

    Why should this be a surprise?  Bike equals freedom.  Every bike is one less car on the road.  Bike means not having to wait for the bus to take me to the far east side of Manhattan.  And even the NYDN can’t say Bike Share bikes will injure pedestrians.  The Bixi Bikes in Montreal are really really slow.

  • Joe R.

    You hit the nail on the head here. Bikes are anathema to big business which seeks to get people to only use things which generate an income stream for them. Automobiles fit that mold perfectly. You have to pay to buy them, then pay forever for gas, insurance, maintenance, tickets, and so forth. You can buy a bike once and never put another dime into it unless you really pile on the miles. And in an urban environment a bike is way more useful than a car. What amazes me isn’t that bikes are becoming ever more popular, but rather that so many people bought into the lies put forth by the automobile manufacturers and spent vast sums of money doing so. Once you tell these people that they’re putting thousands of dollars a year into a depreciating, highly underutilized ( most cars are sitting idle 23 hours or more out of 24 ) asset they start to see the light.

    No surprise either about the bike hate coming from the NYDN and NYP. Just look at who most of their advertisers are. If they started showing bicycles in too positive a light their advertisers might bail.

  • Ben Kintisch

    I support bike share 100%! Looking forward eagerly and a bit impatiently for the spring launch.