NYPD: 10 Pedestrians, Three Cyclists Killed in New York City Traffic in June

Image: NYPD

Thirteen vulnerable users were killed on city streets in June, according to the latest NYPD crash data report [PDF].

City-wide, 10 pedestrians and three cyclists were fatally struck by drivers: one pedestrian and one cyclist in Manhattan; two pedestrians in the Bronx; four pedestrians and one cyclist in Brooklyn; and three pedestrians and one cyclist in Queens. Among the victims were William Boney, Frankie Hernandez, Kevin Rodriguez, Emma Blumstein, Justin Murray, Tskaka Cooke and Ebrahim Kebe.

Of seven fatal crashes reported by Streetsblog and other outlets, two motorists were known to have been charged for causing a death. The girlfriend of Frankie Hernandez was charged with manslaughter for allegedly running him over intentionally; the driver accused of killing William Boney was charged with manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. Historically, nearly half of motorists who kill a New York City pedestrian or cyclist do not receive so much as a citation for careless driving.

At least two children were killed by motorists in June: Kevin Rodriguez, age 3, and Ebrahim Kebe, 4.

Across the city, 954 pedestrians and 377 cyclists were hurt in collisions with motor vehicles. Per NYPD policy, few if any of these crashes were investigated by trained officers.

Eleven motorists and five passengers died in the city in June; 1,664 and 1,924 were injured, respectively.

There were 18,186 motor vehicle crashes in the city in June. After the jump: contributing factors for crashes resulting in injury and death.

Download June NYPD summons data here.

Crash data from prior months is available in multiple formats here.

Image: NYPD
  • Larry Littlefield

    The reporting is still disappointing. 

    We need a matrix of who killed and injured whom.  How many pedestrians were killed and injured by bicycles?  How many motorists were killed or injured by pedestrians (perhaps jumping through their windsheilds)?

    And more details.  How many of the motor vehicles that killed or injured pedestrians and cyclists were trucks and vans, taxis, buses, or private passenger vehicles.  And how many of the deaths of pedestrians caused by cyclists and imagined by the Post were commercial cyclists, recreational cyclists, and cyclists riding for transportation?

    Show me the zeros.

  • Mike

    This reporting seems extraordinarily selective.  Note that only about 4% of the motorists involved in crashes were injured or killed, while nearly all of the cyclists or pedestrians were.  This suggests that a very large number of pedestrian/cyclist crashes were not reported, while motorists who were uninjured still made police reports because their insurance companies require them.  Or something like that…

  • Ian Turner

    Mike: Maybe the pedestrian-cyclist crashes were not reported because people dusted themselves off and went on their way.

  • Anonymous

    Mike: That’s not an indication of lack of reporting; it’s an indication of exactly why we call them “vulnerable” users – if a pedestrian or cyclist gets hit by a car, there’s a very good chance they’re going to get hurt. A ton or two of steel protects the people inside cars – but not the ones outside.

  • Jeff

    18186 “accidents”.  Can you imagine the total number of crashes/incidents/injuries/etc that takes place on our streets, such as those due to reckless driving, or the systemic failure of streets designed for speeding at the expense of pedestrian safety?  I mean, let’s say that 5% of all crashes/incidents/injuries/etc that take place on our streets are “accidents”–there was nothing that we as a society or the individual parties involved could have done to prevent them.  This would mean over 350,000 total crashes/incidents/injuries/etc!

  • Staion44025

    I would probably lump Aggressive Driving (69), Failure to keep right (59), failure to yield right of way (786), following too closely (1150), other vehicle (291), outside distraction (48), lane usage (454), traf control disregard (218), turning improperly (351), unsafe lane change (470) and unsafe speed (218), together for a total of 4114 incidents due to what I refer to as “a-hole driving” which is epidemic in New York. 

    This is driving not related to drinking or texting; just the normal, everyday, super aggressive driving that we all expect from your everyday a-holes on the roads.  Another word for them might be “jerks,” but it isn’t nearly strong enough. 

  • NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly


  • These numbers mean nothing without perspective. What is the average deaths per month in traffic accidents? What are historical numbers? Where can I find them?

  • Day by day the accident rate is getting higher in NYC. The main reason I feel the accident rate is getting higher is because the drivers are very careless as mentioned in the above chart. Thanks for sharing the NYC accidental report