Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Traveling at “Amazing Speed” Kills Cyclist in Sunnyside (Post)
  • MetroCard Real Estate For Sale (NYTNewsTranspo Nation, DNA, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Health Department: 1 in 8 NYC Kids Have Asthma (WSJ)
  • Superb Multimedia Feature on Copenhagen Cycling in the Times
  • DOT Flips Battery Park City Bike-Share NIMBYism Into a Public Space Upgrade (TriTrib)
  • Franciscan Clerics for Better Bike-Share Stations (DNA)
  • The Anthony Weiner Image Rehab Project Is in Full Effect (WSJPost)
  • Tom Cruise’s Driver Leads Paparazzi on Red Light Running Spree to West Side Heliport (Gothamist)
  • Why Can’t New Haven Get Its Highway Teardown Right? (NH Indy)
  • Check the Status of Manhattan’s East Side Greenway in This Virtual Tour (Untapped Cities)

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  • Battery Bark Bikeshare : “Some [CB1] members were also concerned that the [proposed bikeshare] station would affect drivers’ sight lines.”

    What crap.  If a bike share station jeopardized driver’s sight lines, then what do parked cars do? 

    “Concerned” members of CB1: Let’s daylight all the intersections in Battery Park City by removing curbside parking.  It’s the only responsible thing to do.

  • Battery Parker

    @twitter-22824076:disqus We should also ban all SUVs since they are high and block sightlines. On-street parking should be exclusively reserved for compact cars and bicycles.

    I’ll take these NIMBYs seriously when they follow their own complaints to their only logical conclusion.

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    Can anyone shed light on the parenthesis from the NY Times feature.  What bikes do liberals ride and which do conservatives ride in Copenhagen?

    “The plan has received widespread support in a country whose left- and
    right-leaning lawmakers both regularly bike to work (albeit on slightly
    different models of bicycle).”

    It was just tossed in as a throwaway line by the author but it intrigues me.

  • @8f0bb59a0b2c455b977785f0f316feef:disqus I was wondering the same thing when I read that article. What makes a bike type liberal or conservative?

  • Bolwerk

    @8f0bb59a0b2c455b977785f0f316feef:disqus: the leftists use red bicycles, comrade. The rightists (they’re called liberals, and have politics more akin to right-wing economics and soft left social stances) probably ride bikes a few shades of blue darker than the Facebook logo.

  • carma

    as a currently registered republican, with a true independent stance.  i find @3a9cb377ae68ba7b489d30e5eb859747:disqus labeling bicycles, cyclists as leftists/rightists, etc… as simple, naive and childish and doesnt help the image of cyclists in general.

  • Contrary to Father Lorenzo’s letter, Father Fagan Park is located at Prince Street and Sixth Ave, right across from the Prince Street Bike Lane. Since we are talking about locations, maybe he should’ve checked Google Maps, or taken a walk around the corner, before firing off his letter.
    That said, Father Fagan Park already has a Green Grocer and an Antiques Dealer. How could a BikeShare station “disrespect” this park any further? Maybe we should stop naming parks, squares and plazas or streets after any particular individual so as not to “disrespect” their memory. 

  • Jesse Greene

    For anyone interested in the culture war angle on livable streets (and who on this site isn’t?), there is this story from NPR:

    Of course the lead is “urban elites, planners, and hipsters/ies want to punish you for driving your car” but it actually starts to sound sensible about halfway through.  

  • I couldn’t help but notice the relationship between two recent stories in Queens..

    Last week, Jimmy Van Bramer stood on 46th Street in Sunnyside and declared e-bikes an “epidemic” and that “We need to take action now before someone gets seriously injured.” Jimmy has stood up for safer streets before – he’s well aware of many of the problems. That’s why the focus on eBikes seems rather disingenuous. Riding any bike on the sidewalk is already illegal – so making it extra-illegal to ride an ebike on the sidewalk is legislative overreaction to a serious lack of enforcement of existing laws. This all seems to be particularly trite in light of the cyclist that was mowed down in Jimmy’s district last night – and less than 10 blocks away from the e-bike press conference – that highlights the real and serious problem of high-speed drivers (drunk possibly) tearing through his district regularly killing people – as opposed to delivery cyclists scaring seniors on the sidewalk. Both are illegal already, but one has much more severe consequences. How many have been killed and seriously injured this year alone by cars versus how many by e-bikes – or any kind of bike for that matter?Electric bikes (that top out at 15-18 mph) may be annoying and present some danger, especially when ridden in a manner that’s already illegal, but they simply don’t kill with the regularity of speeding cars. There already is an “epidemic” that is seriously injuring Jimmy’s constituents, and the obsession of some towards making e-bikes doubly illegal strikes me as the worst kind of pandering.

  • Anonymous

    Would someone please explain to me why Tom Cruise’s driver and the attendant paparazzi can blow lights and speed through this city with impunity–with, if anything, the city’s winking approval?

    And by the way, if you want to keep your sanity, you won’t read the comments on that Post story about the terrible hit and run in Sunnyside.

  • Joe R.

    @dporpentine:disqus If you have money or fame, then it seems most of the laws don’t apply to you. After all, aren’t speed limits and other traffic laws only for the little people?

    Seriously though, celebrities should inform the police whenever they’ll be driving and there’s a chance of reckless pararazzi so the police can enforce the traffic laws on these jerks. The idea that people’s lives are put in danger just so these morons can get pictures is beyond repugnant.

  • Bolwerk

    @d8d46f16f380afef59ca318522397233:disqus : I can see your “independent stance” is such like that of most
    Republikans – totally devoid of relation to reality or
    context, since it was the right-wing rag New York Times that made that
    distinction, not me.  Not to mention humor impaired; the comment was a
    dig at Danish politics. The batty right-wing Democrats and fascist
    Republikans had nothing to do with what I said.  Watch the fumes at the
    club meetings.

  • I deleted an exchange from this thread. Personal attacks have no place in the Streetsblog comments section, and repeat violators will be banned.