Today’s Headlines

  • State Will Let Rush Hour Buses Ride in New Tappan Zee’s Extra-Wide Shoulders (LoHud)
  • New York City Grew Faster Than Its Suburbs in 2010-2011 (NYT)
  • DOT Inspectors Will Teach and Enforce Delivery Bike Rules to UWS Restaurants (DNAinfo)
  • Matt Chaban Dives in Deep on Potential Grand Central-Area Upzoning (Observer)
  • Queens Two-Year-Old Will Survive After Being Hit By Bus (News)
  • After Long History, Brooklyn Greenway Now Has a City Budget Line (Capital)
  • Bike Safety Education Put on Front-Burner Before Bike-Share Launch (Thirteen)
  • Viral Video Showing Subway Stair Stumbles Gets Quick Results From MTA (NYT, Kabak)
  • Federal Court Says Taxi System in Compliance With Disability Law (NYT)
  • Adorable: MTA Gives MetroCard Mobile and J Train Onesie to Baby Born on Subway (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “A dedicated bus rapid transit system differs from express buses in that it requires its own equipment, stations and the widening of the Thruway.”

    All that can be added incrementally.  For the next step, how about a flyover ramp direct from the bus emergency lane and the leftmost general traffic lane direct to the end of Route 119 in Tarrytown, replacing the current exit to 119 east of Broadway?  And a similar direct connection from the left to Route 9W and Route 59?

    Do that and the bridge is ready for a bus rapid transit route across Westchester and Rockland.  Those two counties would have the option of putting in dedicated bus lanes, and pre-boarding fare collection, as on Fordham Road, at a series of BRT stations.  Later, they could build underpasses/overpasses at intersections with major N/S roads, to provide the route with grade separation lite.  It could evolve from there.

  • Even as a cyclist I feel a crackdown on sidewalk cycling is long overdue. Here in the Village where sidewalks are often a single paver wide, or occupied by sidewalk cafes, open cellars, tree guards, stoops and loading docks, it’s not uncommon to see delivery guys riding the sidewalk on streets that have perfectly good  bike lanes. Not only is it annoying and potentially dangerous, it sets a bad example for new cyclists and tourists who may not be entirely aware of the law. Too bad this enforcement doesn’t go beyond the Upper West Side.

  • Streetsman

    Rush hour buses in the shoulders? Considering how often I hear about a breakdown on a bridge or tunnel during the morning commute, this could make bus service very unreliable

  • Larry Littlefield

    They have OTHER shoulders for those, Streetsman.

  • Streetsman

    Additional shoulders? There are shoulders in a addition to the “emergency lanes”? Why the heck just not make those shoulders BRT lanes? Wait I’m asking too many questions about TZB now

  • Larry Littlefield

    So, is the variable rate MTA debt tied to LIBOR?

  •  extra shoulders? it is a different as well as informative. that’s BRT lanes?