Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage of NYPD Crash Investigation Suit: WNYC, Patch, Metro, Voice, DNA
  • Priorities: Cop Assigned to Protect Wall Street Bull and Peds Forced Into Traffic by NYPD (DNA)
  • Kevin Rodriguez, 3, Killed by Ambulette Driver in Coney Island; “No Criminality” (DNA)
  • City Issues RFP for Potential Parking Meter Operators (Capital)
  • Taxi and Limousine Commission Proposes 17 Percent Cab Fare Hike (News)
  • Brownstoner to Bike-Share NIMBYs: Deal With It
  • New L Trains Accompanied by Time-Saving Signal System (Transpo Nation, Kabak)
  • Transit Funding Foe Jeff Klein Grabs Credit for Replacing Bx34 With Van Service (News)
  • Parks in Southern Brooklyn Ranked Dirtiest in the City (DNA)
  • Bronx School Bus Driver Severely Beaten After Hitting Illegally Parked Car (Post)
  • Fascinating Piece on Abandoned Bikes From Transportation Nation’s Alex Goldmark

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  • Bolwerk

    Uh, why would you even want credit for replacing a bus service with a van service? Sadism cred? 

  • J

    Biggest takeaway from the NYPD lawsuit coverage: None of the major dailies covered it. No Times, Post, or Daily News. No major TV coverage either. Our mainstream media coverage of street safety is despicable.

    Apparently these sources don’t think it’s news that the NYPD is getting sued for refusing to investigate crashes involves people on foot and on bike.

  • to J:

    Umm, the Times broke the story. (At least in this cycle anyway. We knew it was coming)

    I can’t speak for the TV coverage. The tabloids have always been really poor at covering these stories, unless they can cram the word “HIPSTER” into the title. (As in, “HIPSTER WIDOW $LAM$ NYPD”

  • kevd

    @ Bolwerk – Flatbush vans are much faster than the B41….. Though if you’re coming from the subway its a two fare system. Oh, and technically they’re illegal. 

  • CNN has joined the party late, but looks a little more closely at the medical angle on “likely to die”:

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been wondering when someone would do a piece on abandoned bikes. They are a nuisance and an eye sore. It’s very annoying to not have a place to lock to because of bikes (or parts of bikes) that have obviously been taking rack space for months. There are no more than 2 or 3 other people in the building where I work that cycle commute regularly, but for some reason the racks in front are filled with about 7 or 8 bikes (with another 2 or 3 across the street) that never move and are in varying stages of decay. There are so many now that I’ve resorted to using a sign post. In some ways it’s a good problem to have, but we need to figure out how to deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    A cyclist was killed on/near Bedford Ave and Empire Blvd in Brooklyn today. The Post says she “collided” with a delivery truck that was turning. Of course, the police do not suspect any criminality.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Re: NY Post piece on Brooklyn cyclist’s death…I posted the following on the NY Post website –
    The article headline should read as the text does….”Cyclist crushed by turning truck.” Instead, it implies that the cyclist is to blame. It is the responsibility of turning vehicles, ESPECIALLY professional/commercial drivers, to check their mirrors for approaching cyclists as they turn, and to yield to pedestrians stepping into the crosswalk. It is also totally unacceptable for the cops to immediately clear the driver of wrongdoing without any investigation. Imagine if instead of using a truck the killer used a gun or a knife – then there would be dozens of cops investigating. Kill with a vehicle = “no criminality suspected.”


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