Today’s Headlines

  • Assm. Joe Lentol Wants Speed Cameras to Patrol Deadly McGuinness Boulevard (Bklyn Paper)
  • Astoria Debates Pedestrian Plaza For Dangerous Corner of Newtown and 33rd (DNAinfo)
  • Randall’s Island Footbridge Reopens, Finally Open 24/7/365 (News)
  • Cuomo Writes Off Non-Drivers: “Tollpayers, Taxpayers, What’s The Difference?” (Capital)
  • Brooklyn Assistant DA Attacks Cop After Traffic Arrest (Post)
  • Van Driver Leaves Painter in Critical Condition in Rockaway Crash (Post)
  • Weinshall Supported Helmet Law, and Post Cries Bloomberg Admin. Inconsistency
  • Senate Republicans Just Keep Attacking MTA Payroll Tax (Newsday)
  • MTA Inks $600M Contract For New Subway Cars (WSJ)
  • Up To $100 Million at Stake in Hit-And-Run Civil Suit (Fox)
  • Design Competition Reimagines East River Greenway Uptown (News)

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  • Whoa–had no idea that the 103rd St. Bridge  would be all-season when it reopened.  This is huge, not only for recreational users in the Upper East Side, East Harlem and the South Bronx, but also for bike commuters from those areas, especially with the new connector path up to the Bronx.

  • Brooklyn Law & Order

    “…In the latest in a series of black eyes for the office of District
    Attorney Charles Hynes, assistant DA Yaser Othman was arrested early
    Saturday night after he took a wild swing at Sgt. Benjamin Benson when
    the cop stopped him for swerving through traffic on the Whitestone
    Expressway, officials said….”

    Yet another stroke of good luck for Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes attorney Jim Walden in his forthcoming campaign for Kings County District Attorney. Can we get a third candidate, please?!

  • Albert

    Here’s hoping that Thomas Lunke, of the Harlem Community Development Corp. is right when he says, “now there will be open, free, easy and
    welcoming access for walkers and bicyclists from El Barrio,” and that bicyclists won’t be asked to dismount on this bridge as in the past.

  • Albert

    …meaning the 103rd Street Bridge.

  • kevd

    Now that the 103rd st bridge will be open 24/7/365 – maybe the city could consider some public transportation options to Randall’s island from 2 of the 3 boros that surround it…..

  • kevd

    While I would not echo the Post commentator on the cost of rail cars preventing the MTA from ever being able to “break even” I do wonder about the cost:
    $2 million a piece. 
    Does that fit with prices globally, or it is wildly expensive?

  • Zulu

    Ferry service would be nice. Also, a Citi Bike docking station at both ends of the bridge would work great.

  • Helmet Hair

    Greenfield’s citation of bicycle non-expert Iris Weinshall’s endorsement of a helmet law reminds me of NBBL’s frequent citation of the 1997 Bicycle Master Plan.  Times change, administrators come and go, and philosophies evolve.  Only opportunists like Greenfield and NIMBYs remain rooted in the past.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I do wonder about the cost: $2 million a piece.  Does that fit with prices globally, or it is wildly expensive?”

    It is wildly expensive, but similar to the cost of the R160 order which began arriving in 2005.  Bombarier lost out on that contract to Alstom/Kawasaki, and claimed it did not bid lower because it did not want to lose money.  Nearly a decade later, I guess the same money looks good.

    That’s the reality those not in on some monopolistic deal at the expense of thsoe with less power are facing in the economy.  Nice to see the MTA as the beneficiary, not the victim, although the cost is still high.

  • Eric McClure

    While the Bloomberg administration’s position on bike helmets — and myriad other safe-streets issues — has (wisely) evolved under the DOT leadership of Janette Sadik-Khan, David Greenfield’s ideas about street space are still firmly rooted in the 1950s.  Gotta give him credit for consistency obstinacy.

  • J12

    You could always access Randall’s/Ward’s via the span of the triborough that connects to east 125th st. in Manhattan, but the 103rd st. bridge is certainly a nice alternative, and a much more pleasant span for pedestrians or bikers.

  • Zulu

    I’ve done the Triborough and it is nothing short of a terrifying experience. Once you pass the first tower the chain link fence stops and the guard rail is only about knee high when on the bike. There is not much stopping you from going over the railing and into the river. It is also not wide enough to have a pedestrian and a bicycle go past each other. I would always stop ten feet before approaching somebody on foot for fear of colliding onto them.

  • krstrois

    McGuinness is terrifying. I really hope that legislation will pass. 

  • Anonymous

    @ebb4035fe30f2d00466ce7ea0b9e7e07:disqus : According to the NYC bike map, you should walk your bike on the sidewalk of the Triborough bridge. I’ve never been there, but your description of the conditions on that bridge could be the reason behind what’s written on the map.

  • The major benefit of the 103rd St footbridge over the Manhattan section of the Triborough is that it is very hairy crossing seven or so lanes of Second Avenue between 128th St and 126th St in order to reach the bridge entrance. 

    Both walkways over the Manhattan-Randall’s Island Triborough bridge are comparatively wide and easy to travel, unlike the main span over to Queens, which is a little more narrow. They aren’t as steep as the 103rd St footbridge, either.


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